Can Rabbits Eat Pears? And Facts You Should Know!

Can Rabbits Eat Pears

It is nice to see a happy and active pet in the backyard or inside your home. Moreover, that pet is not demanding. That’s what will you get if you are petting the rabbits. If you want to see their cheerfulness every day, thus, you should take care of them very well, including for their diet. As a herbivore, you might think they are allowed to eat any fruits. In fact, some of the fruits are harmful to them. In this article, we will discuss can rabbits eat pears or not? Because pears are tasty and it seems great to feed them with this.

The answer from the question of “can rabbits eat pears or not?” is yes, you can feed them with pears. Pears are considered as safe as apples, kiwi fruits, mango, papaya, berries, and so on. However, even though pears are good for rabbits, you can’t make it as their primary intake. They still need hay or grass and some water. Make the vegetables and fruits as a snack. In addition, there are things below what you should know when you want to add pears for the menu:

Facts You Should Know When You Give Pears To Rabbits

1. The Nutrition

Pears are full of antioxidants, fibers, vitamins C, K, B2, and B6, also minerals, like iron, calcium, and magnesium. Those are good for a human to reduce diabetes risk and prevent constipation. At the same time, those contents are also good for the rabbit. This fruit could be the energy source due to the sugars. However, in further discussion, you will know the proper portion. Because, even though it gives benefits, you are not allowed to give peers in a big amount.

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2. The Sugars

As we mentioned above that peers contain sugars, it is the reason why you should limit the amount. However, even though rabbits are herbivores, the digestive system is not designed to process vegetables and fruits as well. Too many peers might cause their digestive system. Sweet foods can cause an imbalance in bacteria and fungi within the cecum. Also, the sugar content potentially turns the rabbits into obesity.

3. The Portion

Let’s complete the answer to “can rabbits eat pears or not?”. The right point is yes, pears are safe for the rabbit in a certain amount. After feeding them hay or grass, you can give pears as the dessert. Two pounds of their body weight is the right amount. If it is difficult to measure exactly like that, just cut into two teaspoons. Serve pears one or two times a week is enough. If you give over it, your rabbits will have too much sugar intake.

4. The Serving

Any fruits you feed to them should be washed before serving. Wash the pears under the water flow. Because you never know how the treatment for the pears was before. It is very possible the pesticide on the skin. Thus, you need to remove it, so the chemical won’t get inside their body. After you are sure it is clean, cut it into cubes or the proper size. Remember, do not give more than the amount as we mentioned above.

5. The Pear Skins and Twig

Pear Skins and Twig

Pears are not only about the flesh but also there are the other parts. When people ask about “can rabbits eat pears or not?”, they usually ask about the skins and the twig too. If you have the same question as it, then the answer is okay, both of them are safe for the rabbits. Rabbits can eat the pear skins and twig just like the apples. So, when you are washing the pears, make sure you also wash the twig too.

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6. The Seeds

The other part which also becomes a concern is the seeds. You should remove the seeds while preparing pears for the rabbit. The seeds contain cyanide which also exists in the apple seeds. It could be harmful, but if you make a mistake one time, then it is still okay. Just don’t let it get inside again in the future. We are afraid that your rabbit will get choking or any health hazard.

So, here you already know the answer to “can rabbits eat pears or not?”. Above all, pears are safe for the rabbits in a certain amount and without the seeds. If you compare it to the vegetable, we might say that vegetables are better than fruits. But, it is still okay for the variety of their menu.

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