Can Rabbits Eat Oranges? And Facts You Should Know!

Can Rabbits Eat Oranges

It is good to have a pet, especially a rabbit. Some people think that it is not easy petting the rabbits, but actually, it is very simple. Knowing that rabbits are herbivores, you can prepare their diet easily. But, remember, you cannot give all the vegetables and fruits just the way it is. For several foods, you need to be aware, such as while you want to give an orange. You might be questioning, can rabbits eat oranges? In this article, you will find out what you should know about it.

Talking about the rabbit’s diet, they must have a lot of water every day. Also, hay and grass are their main daily intake. You are allowed to give them green veggies and fruit as a snack. So, what is the right word for “can rabbits eat oranges?”, that is yes, you can. But, there are some notes you should be aware of. Here is what you need to know about giving an orange for the rabbits:

1. The Orange Peels

Orange Peels

You might find the pros and cons of the orange peels for the rabbits. If you are still in doubt, we assure you that it is safe giving them the peels in small quantities. There is no real evidence that orange peels can harm your rabbit. But, you should be aware of their toilet routine. Because, in fact, the peels are good due to its contents of vitamins C and A, magnesium, and a little of vitamins B.

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2. Acid Can Cause Ulcers

Besides vitamins, oranges are also rich in acid. When the rabbits too frequently have oranges, it means the acid will be high inside their body. This might cause ulcers around their mouth. The others also said that the acid is risky for the stomach. Since the rabbits’ digestive system is very sensitive, it is not good for too many acids.

3. The Proper Portion

As we mentioned above we keep saying that you should limit the amount. So, here you can find the proper portion for them. You can give the rabbits an orange in about 1 up to 2 teaspoons per serving. Or, it has to be 5 pounds per the rabbits’ body weight. Your rabbit will absolutely be happy with it. Because orange is a colorful fruit and the taste is so sweet.

4. Vitamin C

Most people already know that orange contains a high of vitamin C. It is unbeatable, so humans make an orange as the popular source for vitamin C. But since they don’t need vitamin C from the orange as much as you think and extreme excess vitamin C can cause kidney damage for rabbits. On the other hand, if you really seek the food which gives high vitamin C, you might find this in the greeny leaf from vegetables.

5. Orange Varieties

There are many kinds of oranges you might find. One of the popular oranges is Mandarin Orange. Just like the other oranges, it is safe to give to them but the quantities should be lesser than the common orange. Because the Mandarin Orange is more sugary than the others. It is also applied to dried oranges. Since the dried variety is water removed, thus, several supermarkets add more sugar to make it taste good. This is very bad for your rabbits’ health.

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6. The Oranges Leaves

The answer to “can rabbit eat oranges?” will be more comprehensive with the leaves warning. The leaves are safe for the rabbit, but, remember, you should wash the oranges to remove the pesticide or any chemical things. Those are very harmful to be consumed by the rabbits. Also, don’t rinse with any soap. It is enough to put the oranges under the water flow.

So, here you are with the complete knowledge of can rabbits eat oranges or not. Remember, since the rabbits are naturally herbivores, you cannot give the orange to the babies. The mother’s milk is enough for their nutrients. Wait until they get six months, then you can introduce several new foods.

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