Can Rabbits Eat Corn As Their Daily Intake?

Do you have a rabbit and are considering feeding them corn? Well, even though the rabbits love vegetables and fruits, it doesn’t mean you are allowed to give anything, including the corn. Perhaps, you search on the internet about can rabbits eat corn or not. Then, you find a lot of controversies there that makes you confused. Don’t be worried, here we will help you to clarify what makes you in doubt.

Before we discuss it further, one thing you should know is that their digestive system is very sensitive. Once you give them the wrong food, they will easily get stomach problems, such as diarrhea, bloating, and others. Thus, you should really care about their menu.

Things to Consider in Giving Corn for Rabbits

Also, you need to wait until they grow a little mature to get new foods besides hay and grass. Introduce every new food in small amounts. See the reaction, if there is no problem, then go with it in a proper portion. While we are talking about can rabbits eat corn or not here, see what we have highlighted below for your concern:

1. Is It Safe?

As the opening of this discussion is answering the question of whether rabbits can eat corn or not. The answer is no, you can’t feed them with corn because it is harmful. Indeed, the corn is not as dangerous as you might think. But it is bad for their digestion afterward. Thus, to avoid any risks, just forget corn as their daily intake or even for the compliment.

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2. Is It Okay for Fresh Corn?

When you are seeking information about the best vegetables and fruits for rabbits, usually the articles said: “give the fresh one”. Well, that is not suitable for this case. Still, the fresh corn is not good for the rabbits. The first risk is your rabbit probably will get choked. Also, when it is swallowed without chewing, the corn comes to the hull intact. The bacteria inside their body will be difficult to break it down. So, the result is intestinal impaction.

3. How About the Dried Corn?

No matter the fresh or dried corn both of them are not safe for the rabbits. Even though they are herbivores, their body system is very special. They have cecum where the fiber fermented. Indeed, the corn contains fiber, but your rabbit doesn’t need this kind of fiber. Hay is the best fiber source for them. Once you keep feeding them with corn, your rabbit will get health issues.

4. The Hull of The Corn Kernels

Corn Kernels

Another thing you probably find when searching can rabbit eat corn is about the hull or the corn kernels. The hull contains a complex polysaccharide that cannot digest by the rabbits. Indeed, some rabbits can struggle from intestinal impactions, but it doesn’t mean there is no risk for death. Those lucky rabbits must be through serious and special medical treatment. If you really love your rabbit, show them by giving proper food, not a junk one.

5. Corn’s Starch Content

As we mentioned above, both fresh and dried corn is not good to feed. Moreover, when the corn turns into chips, popcorn, flakes, or cooked on the cob. Those are junk foods for rabbits and absolutely very harmful. The result is not only diarrhea, but also gas, bloating stomach, or constipation.

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The foods mentioned above are very starchy, empty of nutrition, high-carbs, and low-cellulose. So, here the reason why to avoid corn when we are discussing can rabbits eat corn or not, even just for a certain occasion.

6. The Best Snack to Give

Well, no need to be confused about what snack you can give as a compliment. There are still lots of vegetables and fruits which are good and safe. In addition, those safe vegetables and fruits also support their health, such as the stronger bone and teeth, better digestion, and many more. When you care about their intake, there is nothing to worry more about their health.

Now you already know can rabbits eat corn or not. It is completely harmful to the rabbits to eat corn. So just take out corn from their daily menu. Remember, 80% up to 90% of their diet should be hay or grass and water, then, the rest is a dessert from the green leaf or colorful fruits.

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