Can Rabbits Eat Tomatoes? And In What Quantity?

Can Rabbits Eat Tomatoes

For some people, having a pet could reduce their stress levels. Because they have a friend to play with after spending the whole day for work. But, however, a pet needs some care too, especially for the diet. When you are having the rabbits, it is not easy preparing their food. Even though rabbits are herbivores, they can’t eat many kinds of vegetables and fruits. In this article, we are trying to answer people’s questions about “can rabbits eat tomatoes?”.

Perhaps, this issue exists in your mind too for now. So, let’s find out can rabbits eat tomatoes or not. The answer to this question is yes, your rabbits can eat tomatoes but with some notes. That is why we are here sharing you some points below as your concern. Because however, feeding them tomatoes is good for their variety of foods. At the same time, tomatoes contain many essential nutrients needed. For more important information about it, take a look at the points below:

Can Rabbits Eat Tomatoes? Here Are the Facts!

  1. Source of Vitamins

Just like the other fruits and vegetables, tomatoes have nutrients needed. For a human, tomatoes are good as the source of natural sugars and vitamins. However, humans and the rabbit’s body requirements are different. Seeing the tomatoes contain a lot of water, thus, this only carries small amounts of vitamins for the rabbits. You cannot make tomatoes as the main source of their nutrition fulfillment. In addition, tomatoes could be an additional source of vitamins, such as vitamins A, C, and B6. Also, it gives potassium and antioxidants.

  1. Small Portion is Enough

You should know that your rabbit needs high-fiber food and only contains a little sugar and fat. That is why hay becomes their main diet. Hay has a high-fiber level needed by their body. Knowing that tomatoes are sweet, it means the sugar level is high enough. Indeed, eating tomatoes won’t harm them directly. But, just imagine a person who loves to eat a snack. They won’t get the nutrition needed. This is what happens to your rabbits if they eat a lot of tomatoes. They won’t get enough correct nutrition unless there is a lot of water inside. Giving one or two pieces of tomatoes in a day is enough. That portion is for the small tomatoes like a cherry.

  1. Small Chunks Ease Them

Since their mouth is tiny, you can’t expect them to enjoy the full big size of a tomato. You need to chop it into small chunks, so it is easier to eat. At the same time, it eases you too in measuring the portion. So, you won’t feed too many snacks. Cut the tomatoes into a square shape and the size is about an inch large. Make sure the tomatoes are not messy because rabbits hate dirty or wet food.

  1. Remove the Stalk and the Seeds

While you are chopping the tomatoes, you should remove the stalk and the seeds too. The stalks which hang the tomatoes are harmful to the rabbits. It is toxic and can be poisonous. Also for the seeds, besides it gives no benefits, your rabbits probably will get choked. So, just forget these two-part and make sure both of them are completely removed from the tomatoes.

  1. Forget About the Leaves

Tomatoes Leaves

Even if the rabbit is a kind of herbivore animal, they are not allowed to eat the leaves. Same as the stalk and the seeds, the leaves might be poisonous too. Indeed, there is no exact research that tomatoes leave can cause death. But, some have said that alkaloids are found in the leaves and it is dangerous, especially for their digestion system. Knowing that not all rabbits have the same instinct to separate the leaves, you should help them to remove the leaves from the tomatoes.

  1. Wash Under the Water Flow

When you are asking can rabbits eat tomatoes, actually, it is more than a “yes” and “no” answer. As we mentioned before, there are several things to be noted, including the sanitary. You need to watch this point too. Washing the tomatoes is important to remove the pesticide or any chemical things. Do it under the water flow for a minute. Wash the tomatoes properly, then, do a preparation to serve.

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Those are things you should know when asking about whether rabbits can eat tomatoes or not. The points below are also applied in other fruits too, such as apples. Keep this in mind that it is fun to introduce new foods to the rabbit, but they have a sensitive digestive system inside. You must be aware of all the reactions after feeding new food.

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