Can Rabbits Eat Bread? And Facts You Should Know!

Can Rabbits Eat Bread

Some studies proved that having a pet can give benefits to your health. Besides cats and dogs, rabbits are also favorite to be petted. Thus, you should know everything about them if you are considering having one. Feeding is the most important to understand because it is strongly related to their life. Even though rabbits are herbivores and it seems easy to serve them, it doesn’t mean they can eat anything. In this article, we will discuss can rabbits eat bread or not? Because sometimes, as the owner, you love to share anything you have with the pet.

Some people say “no” as the answer to the question “can rabbit eat bread or not?”, but others allow their rabbits to eat it. Actually, bread is safe for the rabbit, even though it is not good to give regularly. Because bread is not made naturally for the rabbits. They should have hay or grass as their main intake with a high amount of water. That combination is good for their digestive system. If you still want to add bread on the menu, here are several things you need to aware:

Facts You Should Know When You Give Bread To Rabbits

1. High in Carbohydrates

Just like a human, the rabbit also needs to fulfill its nutrients very well. It keeps them active and healthy. Seeing the content of bread, actually, it is good due to high fiber. But, on the other hand, the bread is rich with carbohydrates too. It is not good when a rabbit gets too many carbohydrates. Same as humans, high carbs can lead them into obesity. In addition, the starch inside the bread can make them ill.

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2. Small Portion is Allowed

Small Piece of Bread

Giving a rabbit the bread is not like feeding them with vegetables or fruits. Both of them could be a snack which is still okay twice a week. But for the bread, once a week in a small portion is enough. That is why at the first time we answer the question of can rabbits eat bread or not, we said it is okay but not for their main diet. Three cubes are the maximum portion for them.

3. Diarrhea Problem

When we are discussing can rabbits eat bread or not, most people are very concerned about the toilet effect. Since the rabbit’s digestive system is very sensitive, thus, too many feeding them the bread can cause diarrhea. As you know that starch is related to the digestive system, once the rabbit’s body cannot handle it very well, they will get diarrhea. Their stomach rejects the bread, so the process cannot be done very well.

4. Sugar Content

When you give your rabbit the bread, they might like it. Of course, because the bread is so tasty. But there is something that makes a sweet taste inside. The sugar content is very high. It is similar to a human that too many sugars are bad for the teeth, body weight, and again, the digestion. Even the whole grains still taste sweet, but at least the sugar is not that much. This could be the option to reduce the risk.

5. Make Bread as the Last Option

Hay and grass must be their first intake before eating the other food. Make sure that your rabbit gets enough portion from hay or grass. It means you complete their nutrition needs. Then, the rest is about the compliment. It is better to start with green vegetables or colorful fruits first, after that, give the bread. So they don’t need the bread in a big amount. Hay or grass should be 80% to 90% of their menu. The rest of 20% could be snacks as we mentioned before.

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So, it is easy to answer can rabbits eat bread, because the answer is yes, they can. What makes it become complex is due to several things to be concerned about. If you are not sure they will be okay with the bread, we suggest you forget this food. There are still many options for a variety of menus. Find out the other foods that are proper for their snack.

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