Can Rabbits Eat Basil? And Facts You Should Know!

Can Rabbits Eat Basil

Having a pet is not only about playing and cuddling with them. One of your love expressions is by caring for their daily intake. But, remember, just because you love them, it doesn’t mean you give all the things you think are delicious. Moreover, when you are petting a rabbit, they cannot eat all green leaves even though they are a herbivore. In this article, you will find out can rabbits eat basil or not. Because it usually makes the owner confused.

The reason why we focus on the rabbits is because of their digestive system. You should know that theirs is very sensitive. So, you cannot feed them any vegetables or fruits. Some of them might be very harmful, even worse can cause death. As one of the herbs, you probably consider giving basil. Actually, basil is safe for rabbits. For further discussion about can rabbits eat basil or not, see our concern below:

Facts You Should Know When You Give Basil To Rabbits

1. How Safe is the Basil?

As we mentioned that a rabbit is very sensitive, so the answer for can rabbits eat basil or not is yes, you can give the rabbits the basil. It is safe as a daily rotation for greenery leaves. Basil is as safe as rosemary, oregano, mint, cilantro, sage, and many others. This herb doesn’t contain any toxic. Contrarily, basil could be one of the nutrition sources for them.

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2. How Much is the Proper Portion?

Chopped Basil

The other issue besides safety is the amount. Some vegetables are only allowed once or twice a week. It is the same rule as the basil too. It is not good to give the rabbit too much basil. Moreover, when you start to introduce this as new food. Chop the leaves into small sizes. See the reaction, whether they get an upset stomach or not. If everything is okay, you can go with a little more amount next week. Remember, don’t make basil as their main menu. Hay or grass with water is still their primary intake.

3. How About Nutrition?

As your additional information which is also important, a rabbit needs fiber so much. Thus, hay becomes the best food every day. Basil contains fiber too even though it is not as high as hay. But basil gives the other benefits from its carbs, proteins, and vitamins, like vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, C, K, and many more. Also, don’t forget about the mineral contents, such as calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, sodium, and others. This is the reason why you can put basil as the nutrition source.

4. Are There More Benefits from Basil?

Besides the contents we mentioned above, basil gives other benefits more than you think. Basil is loaded with flavonoids which are very good in protecting cells from damage. There are also anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial that keeps the rabbits safe from illness or food poisoning. The anti-inflammatory could help the animals, not only the rabbits, from arthritis. Thus, considering basil for your rabbits is actually a good action.

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5. Does the Basil Scent Affect the Rabbit?

Basil and the other herbs sometimes have a certain scent. That is why some people avoid using basil in their dishes due to its pungentness. While for the rabbit, it might not be a big deal. The scent is still safe for them. But it probably affects them while enjoying chewing the leaves. However, the scent is not dangerous at all. Actually, the issue also comes from a strong flavor. If you are in doubt with it, you can give them the Thai basil or sweet basil which doesn’t have a very strong aroma and taste.

6. Is It Safe to Plant the Basil?

Since you know that the answer to can rabbits eat basil is safe, so does when you want to plant it too. You can grow the basil in your backyard. But we recommend you plant the basil inside the pots. You can place the pots on the table or the benches. So when your rabbits are enjoying jumping in the afternoon, they won’t break your basil. But it is okay to grow the basil directly on the soil.

Are you still in doubt about can rabbits eat basil or not? Here you already know about the answer with some notes related to the portion and the nutrition. Vegetables and fruits are good for the rabbits, but before you let them eat, find the right information whether it is safe or not.

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