Can Rabbits Eat Radishes and Their Leaves?

Can Rabbits Eat Radishes

Petting the rabbits is actually not difficult. They are not demanding and easy to train. Also, you can pet them indoor with a little box. However, as for the diet, you should take several notes. Because not all vegetables and fruits are safe, even though they love to eat it. One of the questions most people ask is “can rabbits eat radishes?”. In this article, you will find the answer to that question. Below are several things you should know about the rabbits and the radishes.

Radish is a root vegetable that is usually found in a salad. It is usually consumed raw. Knowing that radish is a kind of vegetable, you might think to give it to the rabbits. But, because you are in doubt can rabbits eat radishes or not, also is it safe or not, you step back a little. We will help you to answer your doubt. Well, radish is safe for rabbits. They can eat it in a certain amount. Find out what things you should aware of below beside the portion of the radishes:

Facts You Should Know When You Give Radishes To Rabbits

1. Small Quantities of Radishes

Do you know that the main diet for the rabbit is hay or grass? They have to get the high-fiber intake for their digestive system. Also, a high amount of water is necessary too. So, radishes are only in small quantities. Don’t let their stomach be full with this vegetable. Because once they don’t get enough fiber, they will get a problem, such as diarrhea or bloating. Make sure they are quite full of their main food, then give them this vegetable occasionally. Slice it and give it once a week is enough.

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2. Diarrhea and Bloating Problem

We have mentioned at glance about the problem of diarrhea and bloating stomach. Indeed, too many radishes could lead them into these troubles. It is due to a high amount of starch and acid. So, when you introduce the radish as new food, give in a tiny size first. Watch the reaction in 24 hours. If there is no problem that occurs, you might give it again in the future. But, still, don’t overfeed for this.

3. The Nutrition

However, radishes are good as the nutrition source for your rabbit. So, answering can rabbits eat radishes and need attention to several things. If you take a look closer to the radishes, it could be the source of vitamins and minerals, such as zinc, calcium, magnesium, and many more. Those are very valuable to support your rabbits keep active every day and their development, such as for the bones, teeth, and others.

4. Radish Leaves are Okay

Radishes Leaves

When you want to feed the radish, you probably consider giving the leaves too. The radish leaves are safe for them but don’t give a lot at once. Also, you should chop the leaves into small pieces. You can mix it with the low oxalate green leaves, like cucumber leaves, carrot tops, bok choy, or raspberry leaves. Never mix these leaves with the high oxalate vegetables, like spinach, mustard greens, beet greens, or parsley.

5. Choose the Organic and Fresh Radishes

Make sure that the radishes you give are the organic and fresh ones. Don’t use the leftover radishes from your salad, moreover, it was dressed or poured with salt. Perhaps, you also find the radishes at the supermarket. The dried one contains higher carbs and sugars. Thus, we don’t really recommend you to give the dry radishes. The fresher the radishes, the better for them. Also, the dried one has less nutrition than the fresh one.

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6. Wash to Remove the Chemicals

It is good if you plant the radishes by hand in the garden. But if you get the radishes from the market, you should remove any chemicals, such as the pesticide. Wash it under the water flow without soap. Just make sure that the skin and the leaves are free from it. Any chemical contents get inside to their body could cause illness. Also, if you want to plant the radishes don’t plant aside from the road.

One thing for sure you should understand that the rabbits’ digestive system is very sensitive. It is very easy for them to get diarrhea, bloating, and other stomach problems. So, when you see the problem in their toilet habit, just stop any new food. Here you don’t have to worry again about can rabbits eat radishes or not because the answer is you are okay feed them with it.

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