Can Rabbits Eat Celery? And Facts You Should Know!

Can Rabbits Eat Celery

A rabbit loves to eat anything including vegetables, grass, and fruits. One of the vegetables that rabbits find to love is celery. It’s a vegetable that has the same family with carrot and parsley. Due to its high contained sugar for rabbits standard, a lot of rabbits start to like celery. However, can rabbits eat celery? Well, if it’s the question about whether rabbits can eat it or not, the answer is yes it can. But, there are some conditions if you want to feed rabbits with celery.

The Amount of Celery Should be Given

Although rabbits can eat celery fairly fine, you have to mind the amount you give to them. Don’t give them celery too often and too much.  It’s enough if you just give the rabbits celery in a small portion of their diet. If you find your rabbit’s condition is fine after eating celery for some days, you can continue to feed them with celery. Also, it’s fine to increase the amount if you find the rabbit doesn’t show any symptoms such as diarrhea.

Chopped Celery

As for the size of celery, don’t give rabbits whole celery because the fiber-like strands can get caught in the rabbit’s teeth. That’s why you should cut the celery into a one-inch section so the rabbits can chew it just fine. And don’t forget to give celery in a moderate amount to avoid digestive problems.

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Celery and Its Benefits For Rabbits

While you know the answer to the question can rabbits eat celery, you may still wonder what the benefits of this vegetable are. There are some benefits if rabbits eat celery in the right amount. Aside from its taste, celery brings benefits for rabbits, and below is the benefits.

1. Contain Rich Nutrients

Celery is one of the high-level vegetables which contain a lot of nutrients such as calcium, choline, fiber, folate, acid, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C and many more. And all of these nutrients are good not only for humans but also for the rabbit’s health. That’s why feeding your rabbit with celery can keep it healthy as long as you don’t overdo it.

2. Keep The Teeth In Check

Rabbits have teeth that will never stop growing. If you leave them alone, the teeth will continue to grow until they reach the gums and mouth. For the rabbits, this condition is very painful and also very dangerous. That’s why it’s important to keep the teeth in check. One of the methods is by giving rabbits celery. Why does it have to be celery? It’s because celery is hard to chew and has a crunchy texture so it will help the rabbit’s teeth in check.

The Bad Side of Celery

Even though celery has many benefits for rabbits, there are the downsides of this vegetable. You need to consider its bad side as it can lead the rabbits to death if you’re not careful. Here is the negative effect of celery for rabbits.

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1. The Dangerous Celery String

Rabbits love celery as it contains high sugar in rabbit standard, however, it can be dangerous for rabbits. It’s celery’s string that brings danger to the rabbit. It can cause a blockage if the celery’s string gets stuck in the rabbit’s stomach. In many creatures, it may be a small and minor problem, but it can be deadly if it happens in the rabbit. And celery’s string also can get stuck in the rabbit’s teeth.

As a result, the rabbit can get an infection. That’s why when feeding the rabbit with celery, it’s important to cut it into pieces so the celery’s string will not get stuck.

2. Stomach Upset

Giving too much celery can make the rabbits have stomach upset. It’s because the rabbit has a very sensitive stomach and gets a stomach ache very easily. This happens when the rabbit eats too many vegetables, eats new foods or consume too much sugar.

That’s why when giving a new food, do it slowly and in small pieces, so the rabbit’s will not get a stomachache. But, if after giving the new food you see a soft and watery stool (feces), it means the rabbit’s stomach isn’t in good condition.

For some time people have a question about can rabbits eat celery. Now, the answer has appeared and you can freely give celery to your lovely rabbits. Just remember to give it in a moderate amount.

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