Can Rabbits Eat Mango? And Facts You Should Know!

Can Rabbits Eat Mango

As one of the popular pets, rabbits are die-hard fruit fans. There are so many fruits that can be eaten by your rabbits. If you do not have a carrot for your rabbits, never be afraid because you can give your rabbits with other food that also has lots of vitamins.

Currently, there are so many fruits that are not suitable for the rabbits’ body condition. For example, you can not give them acid orange because they will have a stomachache from this food. Lots of people who have rabbits are also curious about the kind of fruit that is suitable for the rabbits’ condition. Mango is one of the healthy fruits for a human. But, if you examine deeper, mango also has acid. Therefore, lots of people ask “can rabbits eat mango?”.

Things to Consider Before You Give Mango for Your Rabbits

Before we go into detail to answer this question, let us see about the rabbit’s condition itself. As you know, that rabbit is die-hard fruit fans, therefore they will eat every fruit in front of them. They don’t care whether it will make their stomach hurt or not, as long as it can make them full, they will eat it. This is often the concern of many rabbit owners, lots of them found their rabbits get stomach aches suddenly. However, you also should pay attention to the important things before you give this fruit to your rabbit.

1. Mangoes Vitamins

Not only humans who love this fruit, but also rabbits love this fruit too. If you are a rabbit owner, you might have worries about this. Sometimes you probably have a question “can rabbits eat mango?”. Actually, mango offers some vitamins for your rabbits. Mango is one of the fruits that contain a lot of minerals and antioxidants. It also contains beta carotene, vitamin B complex, as well as vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin K which are good for your rabbit body. If you give some mangoes to your rabbits, your rabbit’s growth and health will be better.

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2. Mangoes Seeds

Mango is one of the healthy fruits which has seeds. If you want to give this fruit to your rabbit, you have to pay attention to these seeds. As you know the rabbit is one of the animals which have a strong tooth that is possible to eat the seed. But if the rabbit eats the mango’s seeds, it will make your rabbit have a stomachache. Therefore, you have to make sure that your rabbit does not eat mango’s seed.

3. Mangoes Skin

Mangoes Skin

When you eat the mango, you will definitely get rid of the skin right?? Have you known that mango’s skin is good for your rabbits? Mango skin has lots of vitamins that are good for your rabbit’s growth. When eating the mango, the rabbit will also eat the skin too. You don’t need to worry about this. But, you have to make sure that the mango’s skin is clean. You can wash that mango before giving it to your rabbits.

4. Mangoes Amount

You should remember that mango also has acidity which will make your rabbit get a stomach ache. It is why lots of rabbit owners have a question “can rabbits eat mango? Actually, mango is safe for rabbits as long as you limit the amount. Therefore, you have to limit the amount of mango eaten by your rabbit.

Based on the body weight, the rabbit might be eaten approximately 1 or 2 small slices per week. It is enough for the body’s growth and health. If you give more mangoes to your rabbit, the acidity will make your rabbit have a stomachache. It also will impact the health of your rabbit later. The same as humans also will get a stomach ache if they eat mangoes too much, right?

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5. Mangoes Kind

As you know, mango has a lot of the kind that is also healthy for a human. Like humans, the rabbit also will grow better with every mango kind. But, some important things that you have to remember are that rabbits are sensitive pets which makes it easier to get diarrhea. You should remember that dried mangoes are different from fresh mangoes. Dried mangoes probably have added sugar that is not good with your rabbit’s body. Therefore, you have to make sure that you always give fresh mangoes to your lovely rabbit.

After you know about the considering thing before giving mango to your rabbit, make you answer your question “can rabbits eat the mango”. Those considering things will avoid your rabbit from stomachache and diarrhea. One of the important things is that you should always remember that you have to always pay attention to everything eaten by your rabbit. Make sure that your rabbit is eating good food for their health.

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