Can Rabbits Eat Blueberries? And Facts You Should Know!

Can Rabbits Eat Blueberries

If you are seeking the best food for the bunnies, then the answer will be the hay, grass, and water. Indeed, those are enough as their daily intake. But, knowing that the rabbits are herbivores, they are also able to eat vegetables and fruits. Even some of them are given with some notes, including when giving the blueberries. This fruit is well-known with fiber which is good to control cholesterol and decrease heart disease risk. In this article, you will find about can rabbits eat blueberries or not? Also, does it give the same benefit as for a human too?

Before we discuss further can rabbit eat blueberries or not, it is better for you to understand the portion of their daily intake. It is about 80% to 90%, they have to eat fresh hay. Then, the rest in about 10% is allowed for the snacks, such as blueberries or other vegetables and fruits. Just like a human, you should fulfill the main need first, after that they are free for snacks as a compliment.

Facts You Should Know When You Give Blueberries To Rabbits

1. Limit the Amount

As we mentioned above, only 10% space for the snacks. So, the proper amount for blueberries is one or two pieces per serve. Let them have blueberries only once or twice a week. Also, have the blueberries right after they eat all the hay or grass. Or, you can put the blueberries at the same time with the other green veggies.

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2. Watch the Body Weight

Blueberries contain high fructose or natural sugar. Just like a human, when someone gets too many sugars, it leads to the body overweight. The same thing will happen to your rabbits too. If they eat too much fructose, they will be overweight. As you know, your rabbit will love the blueberries due to the taste. So, keep the amount in the line even though your rabbits are begging for more.

3. Fresh Blueberries is the Best

Fresh Blueberries

Until this part, we assume that you already know the answer to can rabbits eat blueberries or not. Yes, the answer is the rabbits are okay with the blueberries but better for the fresh one. Perhaps, you are shopping in the market and think of but the blueberries. As your information, the frozen blueberries contain high-water but lack of nutrition. There is nothing to worry about the poisonous, but your rabbit won’t get the benefit intact.

4. The Seeds are Okay

Since you give the blueberries in a limited amount, there is no issue about the seeds. The seeds inside the blueberries are very tiny. It won’t bother their digestive system. But if you are in doubt, you can take out the seeds before serving. Indeed, it requires you more time. However, that is worth doing unless you are sure the seeds won’t affect their toilet activity.

5. Dried Blueberries and the Jam

The other question might be can rabbits eat blueberries in dry or the jam? You will get two concerns about this case because it is two different things. The dried blueberries are still good as a snack, but, remember, the sugar level is higher. So if you give them the dried one, you should lower the amount. On the other hand, we don’t recommend you give the blueberry jam. Even though it is still safe, the sugar is very very very high. That is not healthy, moreover, it contains pectin or lemon juice which is unhealthy.

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6. The Blueberries Leaves

Many people are also confused about the leaves, can rabbits eat blueberries with the leaves or not? Actually, there is no evidence that the leaves are dangerous. The leaves are safe to feed, but don’t let them eat it regularly. Because the blueberries leaves are commonly used as medicine for humans. So, it must be something inside which the rabbits’ body cannot tolerate for a certain amount. On the other hand, while you are planting the strawberry is fully safe. Thus, it is freer to let them play in the strawberry garden than among the blueberry plants.

Actually, the rules above are not only for the blueberries. Because there are still several fruits with the same treatment as the blueberries, such as grape, apple, kiwi, lemon, and many more. But, now, you already get the points of can rabbits eat blueberries as daily intake. Nothing should be missed, or, you have to handle the risk afterward.

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