What Fruits Can Rabbits Eat? And The Things You Should Know

Fruits Rabbits Can Eat

A diet is one important thing to consider when having a rabbit. One must carefully plan the diet for the rabbit, so it can grow healthy. It may sound simple and easy, but choosing bad foods can lead the rabbit to be sick. At worst, it can die because you feed them the wrong food. Generally, the rabbit can eat whether it’s vegetable or fruit. However, not every vegetable and fruit can be given to it. There are vegetables and fruits rabbits can eat and can’t eat.  So, let’s find out more about the food for the rabbit.

Vegetables vs Fruits for Rabbits

If you’re talking about the best food for rabbits, then undoubtedly it is hay grass. It contains vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium and many more. All of these nutrients are good for the rabbit’s teeth and health. However, even hay grass is good for rabbits, you should try to mix the foods with other ingredients such as vegetables and fruits.

Various vegetables and fruits can be used to feed the rabbits. One thing you must understand is that some of the fruits vegetables are poisonous to the rabbit’s system. That’s why you have to know what vegetables and fruits rabbits can eat. That knowledge will help you to keep your rabbits healthy.

For the vegetables, you can try to mix them with the hay grass. The introduction for vegetables should be done when the rabbit reaches the age of three months. When trying to introduce the vegetables, do it one by one. That way, you will know what kind of vegetables your rabbit can diggest. And don’t forget to feed it with at least three kinds of vegetables.

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As for the fruits, you can feed the rabbit in small amounts as a treat. Don’t feed them every day because the fruits are high in calories. The recommendation for giving fruits is one or two times a week. When feeding rabbits with the fruits, you must remove any seed from them, particularly in apples where the pits are poisonous.

And for the fruits that contain high sugar, a small amount on the occasional can be given to the rabbit. Don’t give them too much because it can lead to dental problems and obesity.

Tips for Giving Fruits and Vegetables for Rabbits

Rabbit Eat Fruit

Though there are a lot of vegetables and fruits rabbits can eat, you can’t feed it with them as you wish. A rabbit has a sensitive stomach so you have to know the limit of mixing these kinds of foods for it. So, in order to keep your rabbit healthy, here some tips for you:

1. Give Vegetables and Fruits in Small Quantities

To make your rabbit get used to both fruits and vegetables, you should give them in small amounts first. While giving them don’t forget to monitor whether there is a reaction or not. If the rabbit shows an adverse reaction, stop feeding it. But, if the rabbit shows good reaction continue to feed it with vegetables and fruits and try to add the amount.

2. Give Healthy Pet Chews

Giving vegetables and fruits to your rabbit basically is good for its health. However, if you think that it’s hard to give your rabbit nutritional food, you can look for another alternative. It’s a healthy pet chew. As you know, rabbits love to chew, so giving them pet chews can make the eat time more fun while they still get nutrients. You can also try to offer the rabbits the ready-made snacks that have additional nutrients.

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Safe Fruits Rabbits Can Eat

We already know that some fruits are edible to rabbits while the others aren’t. So, what are the fruits rabbits can eat? Here is the list.

Some of the fruits should be peeled before you give them to the rabbits. You also should remove the pits of some fruits like apples and pie. And don’t forget to wash these fruits thoroughly before you feed them to your beloved rabbit.

Feeding the rabbit is easy as it will eat almost anything. That’s precisely why you have to pay attention to the foods you’re giving to it. The best way to feed your rabbit is by combining hay grass that is good for rabbits and some vegetables. Don’t forget to give the fruits rabbits can eat occasionally to make the rabbit healthier.

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