How to Dry Basil Leaves the Easy Way

How To Dry Basil Leaves

Understanding the use of herbs must be one of the best solutions to increase your living quality. Many people get healthy because of consuming herbs. There is a lot of herbs that you can consume, that may help you to feel better. Basil is one of the best herbs for you to choose from. However, you need to know how to dry basil leaves in the correct way. That can help you to process and gets better quality for your food.

Many people questioning why basil has so many good benefits to the body. There is nothing wrong to consume herbs for your daily routine, many people in this world do the same things to decrease the use of chemical products. If you already know the use of basil, you can have something different in your daily life. Including to have better stamina for your body that is able to protect yourself from anything worse.

What is The Use of Basil?

Many people wonder what is the use of basil. Now, you can have a bigger understanding that basil is really important to your life. Except it is good for your body, basil also often used for the recipes. Most people used basil for sauce ingredients, that must be delicious with a little taste of mint. That is why the use of basil is common in many countries. You can also have your own recipes with this incredible leaves.

Before you know how to dry basil leaves, you can understand that basil can also be a part of salads, sandwiches, pizza, and many other foods. You can try to dry the basil and put it on your food, as you can taste the difference. However, the use of basil may increase your mood while eating, this is what most people say about. You can have summer taste on your food or drink even in winter that must be amazing.

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Except to use it on the recipes, many people often use basil for tea and many other fresh drinks. That is why, when you need a little bit of summer taste, you can try to add basil on your food or beverages. The taste of different will be coming right after the basil coming on your throat.

The Best Steps to Dry Basil

Even that most people often found dry basil in the grocery store, it does not mean that the stock will always be available. Now, you can try to produce your own basil, and you do not need to wait for the stock at the grocery. However, basil should be harvested before it flowers. Most people say, if you want to dry basil you need to hang it upside down in a warm place. You can also find the dry place to dry the basil.

1. Rinse the basil leaves

You know if the basil that you are going to use maybe dirty, that is why you need to rinse the leaves really well. While you rinse the basil using cold water, it will remove any dirt and chemicals on the leaves. This is the first step that you need to know about how to dry basil leaves.

2. Make it dry and hang the leaves

dry basil by using tissues

You can let the leaves dry by using tissues or other fabrics. After you make it dry, you can try to gather the leaves in bunches, also lie them together with anything. If the leaves already bundle you can try to hang the leaves to make it dry. You need to wait until two weeks to make the leaves color change into the dark green.

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3. Crush and use it

Crush Dry Basil Leaves

After you wait for a long time, you can have your basil ready for the recipes. However, most people will try to crush the basil and try to create a smaller piece that must be easy for you to use. Now, you can use basil for the recipes. You need to know, if you want to use it for any beverages, you do not need to let the basil dry. You can directly use the fresh basil leaves.

Simple Way to Dry Basil

Many people cannot wait too long for having something that they really want. Except to find it in the grocery store, you can find your own basil leaves and dry them at home in a simple way. Maybe, the steps above must have a lot of things to do, which must be different in this way.

dry the basil leaves in the oven

If you are in a hurry, you can try to dry the basil leaves in the oven. You can check the timer based on your needs and set the temperature according to the leaves’ condition. Most people will try to do this effective way when they do not have a lot of time to dry the basil.

Consuming basil leaves will help you to have a better life. Now, you do not need to wait for the stock at the grocery store, since you can make it by yourself. There is a lot of people who use this effective way when they are looking for how to dry basil leaves. That must be simple and easy to follow.

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