Discover How Much Space Do Chickens Need Properly

How Much Space Do Chickens Need

How Much Space Do Chickens Need

Raising chicken is a new thing you should try. It is exciting but also confusing at the same time. You will enjoy the fresh egg without buying from the store. Meanwhile, you need to make a proper coop, so your chicken can produce a quality egg. Because they are living in a healthy and spacious environment. Thus, discovering how much space do chickens need is important due to their egg production.

Keeping them in your backyard is a good idea. This is what commonly people do. They let their entire land as a chicken room. Fortunately, your chickens don’t always need a huge number of acres, unless you are planning for raising a hundred of them. Knowing how much space do chickens need will surprise you. You can makeover your little yard into a beautiful cute little coop.

Adequate Size for How Much Space Do Chickens Need

Here you will find at a glance about the ideal size. Actually, the exact size depends on the number of your chickens. But, keep in mind that chickens love in the outside. They like being outdoors, moving here and there, then run. That is why there are several points to be concerned while you are planning for adequate space. Those things will ease you to answer the question of how much space do chickens need. Here are what we mean:

1. A Protection from Predators

A happy chicken lays a healthy egg. The happy one is far away from stress, whether at noon or in the night. You must not have enough time to watch them away from fox, raccoons, hawks, or the others in 24 hours. So, you must provide protection, because the stress might give a negative effect on egg production.

Ideally, a free-range for chickens at least 25 a square foot in the outdoors. This space is enough for them to run away while any predators trying to catch them. At least you need 30 square foot for the coop. But, the bigger would be better for them. Make it about up to 6 feet in the air. They will get comfortable to roost at dusk and less likely to be caught by predators.

In deciding how much space do chickens need helps you to overcome unexpected situations. Predators attacks are one of everyone’s concern. If you already educated yourself properly in an emergency situation, you will make a proper coop which suit in all worst-case happens.

2. Chickens’ Gender Play a Pivotal Too

When you are thinking about the coop design, their gender must be your concern and needs special treatment too. So, that is why concerning the amount of each gender takes a role in deciding how much space do chickens need. Either the hens or the rooster, both need a certain size for their comfort.

It is clear that the hens require more space. There are some reasons they deserve for it. First, they need space to lay the eggs. At the same time, they need to protect their eggs too. A lot of people make about 10 square feet of space per hen. So, in a 4×8 coop will be adequate for up to three normal hens or five Bantam hens.

While for the rooster needs a more comfortable place at night too. There is a fun fact that the rooster loves to perch up high at that moment. Unluckily, the predators, like a raccoon, do the same thing. The ideal rooster space is at least three-square feet for each chicken. Also, don’t forget to make a ten in inches of perching space. Make sure space is ideal for cuddling too. They love to share and generate heat with each other. The use of perching is not only for their “hobby”, but also to avoid the cold ground and sharing heat.

3. The Number of Chickens You Raise

The Number of Chickens You Raise

How much space do chickens need must relate to the number of your chickens. Most people don’t think for both spaces, as the coop and the outside. You need to determine the proper square footage. Generally, four square feet per bird is suggested in the coop and ten square feet per bird in the run. It becomes an ideal size for standard-sized chicken.

If you live in a lower temperature area which makes your chickens cooped all day, then you need a larger space in the coop. Once you don’t provide it, they will get stress inside. As the opposite, when you are in the summer heat, they will likely to be out all day. That means outside space is becoming your issue.

Surprisingly, when you only have limited area in the backyard, you are still able to raise your chicken. As the minimum size, chickens can also live with only two feet square per bird in the coop. It is okay for those which are only lying inside for the eggs. But, keep in mind, the larger space is always the better one.

4. Certain Breeds Need Larger Space

Breeds also become an issue in separation space. Most people now growing chickens with mix-breeds are fine. But, some others need to be put in a different area. Seeing their personality, mixing the large breed with the small one is not a good idea. Sometimes the smaller hens will get bullied with the larger. So, certain breeds which larger need more space than others.

bantams chickens

How much space do chickens need in this case is variation. Bantams are more individual, so, they require a smaller room than the full-sized ones. It is due to their capability in protecting their personal space. This personality is also applied in younger chicks. But, for the bigger or the older chickens, an extra room is necessary.

Our suggested space size is one square foot per bird for Bantams while for the large chicken (standard size) requires double space. That measurement is applied for the coop. As the space in the outside is four square feet per Bantams chicken, and eight to ten square feet is required for the large chickens. However, please note that sometimes Bantams need a larger size to lay down their eggs.

5. The Nesting Boxes

Nesting Boxes

Most people growing chickens desire for the eggs. It is pleasuring to enjoy fresh egg from your coop. Besides you think about the proper coop, the nesting box must be your concern too. The nesting box is placed at the back or the side of the coop. There are two types of the nesting box. First, an open box which all eggs will be collected in one place. Second, a private box which allowed only for one hen each box.

Ideally, one nesting box is for three hens. But, if you want to give them more privacy, you can make one nesting box for one hen. How much space do chickens need for this nesting issue is about six feet long with the depth is one foot deep. This size is properly applied for the private nesting box. So, when you prefer to make an open box, just adjust the size with the hens. Also, consider the egg capacity of each nesting.

We hope this article is useful to you. How much space do chickens need is always being an issue when you are planning to grow chickens. Don’t ruin your backyard just because of wrong design of the coop and their space. Also, make them as comfortable as you can to reach quality eggs for your family.

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