Can Rabbits Eat Apples? And The Things You Should Know

Can Rabbits Eat Apples

Rabbits are one of the popular pets to have. It is nice to see this fluffy bundle begging you for a carrot. Besides the vegetables, actually, a rabbit loves fruits too. Even though there are some things you should be concerned about. But, how about the apple? Can rabbits eat apples? Because it is a common fruit that you can find easily in everyday life.

Before answering the question of “can rabbits eat apples” above, did you know that fruit is an occasional food only? Indeed, fruit seems good for your rabbits, but, in fact, it can cause a dental problem. Fruit contains higher sugar than vegetables. Also, the level of sugar can lead them to obesity. That is only a small piece about giving fruit to your rabbits. Know more about this diet, especially for the apples, from the points below:

Can Rabbits Eat Apples?

1. The Amount

Talking about feeding, we cannot avoid discussing the amount. As the standard, a rabbit is allowed to eat pellets ¼ of a cup per 5 pounds based on their body weight. Remember, fruits are only for a treat, so, don’t give it too much. Per day, a rabbit shouldn’t get more than two tablespoons of fruit. It is still counted based on their body weight per 5 pounds. The reason why you need to limit it is because of the high sugar content.

2. The Seeds

Apple Seeds

Any seeds are not good for rabbits. When you give them an apple, please, don’t forget to remove the seeds. The pips are toxic for rabbits. You might think that there is nothing to worry about if humans swallowing seeds accidentally. But, your rabbit’s stomach is very sensitive. Some of the human foods are not safe for them. Feeding the wrong food is very dangerous, even worse can cause death.

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3. The Stems

Besides the seeds, the other parts you must remove are the stems. This part is as toxic as the seed as mentioned in the previous number. As you know, apple stems contain cyanogenic glycosides. It is a poisonous compound that will bother their stomach very much. Vomiting and diarrhea are the first symptoms, then, the heart rate slowly reduces until it stops to death. Thus, it is necessary to find out anything to answer can rabbits eat apples or not.

4. The Size

Seeing they have a cute mouth, so, you have to cut the apples into small pieces. Small chunks make them easier to eat and, actually, it is healthier. Moreover, when you introduce an apple as their new diet. Also, it eases you too to make sure of the amount. We remind you again not to feed the rabbits too many foods. Their weight is easily gained, thus, you must watch their body weight.

5. The Skin

Are you wondering can rabbits eat apples with the skin? Absolutely, yes. Surprisingly, the apple skin is good for their digestion. But, one thing for sure, don’t forget to wash the apple before you chop it into pieces. You need to remove the chemical or any pesticides. The fresher the apples are better. Because if you don’t take the fresh one, the chemical probably already absorbed a little inside.

6. The Color

You know, there are two types of apples you usually see in the market: red and green. The green apple contains more nutrition compared to the red. Flavonoids that exist in the green apple support your rabbit’s bone. It helps to make the bones stronger, even though the green apple is not as sweet as the red. It tastes little sour, thus, introduce the rabbit through a small portion as the starter.

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Those are all things to answer your question about whether rabbits can eat apples or not. Seeing the list above, now you realize that you can’t just put the apples around the rabbits. There are things that are harmful, but, however, the apples still give some benefit too. One last thing you should know, giving an apple to the baby rabbit is not a good idea. They are born as natural mammals, so there is nothing that can beat than their mother’s milk. Wait until up to 1 month, then you can introduce solid food, such as an apple.

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