Can Rabbits Eat Grapes? And In What Quantity?

Can Rabbits Eat Grapes

As a fruit, the grape has a unique taste and texture. You can’t compare its sweetness with other fruits, thus, the grape is sometimes used as the basis of several drinks. Seeing this delicious thing, you probably think to give a grape to your rabbits. You want them to taste the same thing as you get. It is okay, but, before they eat it, you should ensure that can rabbits eat grapes like you?

The answer to “can rabbits eat grapes?” The question is yes, they can. Not only grapes, but most fruits are also allowed for them, such as banana, mango, papaya, plums, and many more. However, there are plenty of fruits that might harm too, including the grapes. If you don’t know how to feed safely, the grape can be harmful. See the list below as your prevention for unwanted things happen:

1. Don’t Give it Too Much

As we discuss feeding, you should be concerned about the portion. You cannot give the rabbits too many foods. Even though fruits are good for their health, it contains a high-sugar level. It is not good for their body weight because it will lead them to obesity. Perhaps, five grapes a week is enough to make them happy. They would happily bite and chew grapes because it tastes very sweet.

2. Start with Small Amount

If this is their first time to taste the grape, then start with a small amount. Like the introduction, you cannot push them to eat all of the grapes. Moreover, since the grape is very sweet, you should watch their digestion reaction. It potentially causes a stomach problem, such as diarrhea. Besides, the grapes might cause you rabbits to feel bloated too. But, in addition, the grapes can grow good bacteria to produce important nutrients, for example, B-vitamins.

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3. Wash Before Feed

Remember, always wash any fruit before you give it to the rabbits. Knowing that the commercial grapes contain pesticides or other chemicals, you must remove it from the skin. Rinse under the water flow, but don’t use soap. Because, if you don’t sure wash it very well, you add more problems from the residue. It is better to soak the grapes for several minutes, then take it out to be served.

4. Remove the Skin

Answering can rabbit eat grapes is simple, but the preparation is quite complicated. It takes a little more time because you should remove the skin. Actually, it is still okay to let them eat it. But, if it is too much, it might cause the accumulation of kidney stones, even worse could lead to kidney failure. So, just avoid this risk by spending more time removing the skin then cutting the grapes into small chunks. This is better instead of seeing your rabbits unhappy feeling afterward.

5. Better the Seedless Grapes

Seedless Grapes

There are many kinds of grapes you can find. Commonly, there are three types of it, but table grapes are the best one to feed. Because it contains high nutrients when consumed fresh. Also, the color of the grapes is various too. It might be black, red, green, pink, or even yellow. Whatever kinds of grapes, if you can find the seedless grape is very good. At least it eases you in preparation.

6. Give After the Hay

If you keep questioning if rabbits can eat grapes, then we tell you one more thing. They are allowed to have the grapes after eating the hay. Hay is the main diet for every rabbit because it contains high-fiber. It is important to maintain dental and intestinal health. So, make sure that they consume their main food, then give the grapes as an extra snack.

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So, are you still asking about can rabbits eat grapes? We assure that you already found the answer from our explanation above. You might find many concerns there, but don’t be worried, somehow grapes are good for the rabbits. Grapes have many vitamins and minerals, also polyphenols and low glycemic index.

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