How to Keep Rabbits Out Of Garden, Some Do’s And Don’ts!

Rabbits in Garden

Rabbits sometimes be a predator for the garden. That’s why the owner wants to keep this cute mammal out of the garden. There are so many things you can do to keep them out. Here are some do’s and don’ts of how to keep rabbits out of the garden.

How to Keep Rabbits Out Of Garden: Do’s

There are seven easy things you can do to keep rabbits out of your garden. These tips even can be done by your self so you don’t need to use extra money to keep the rabbit out.

1. Planting Scented Plants

Beside their ear, the nose is one of the most useable senses that they use to find food. If you plant some scented plant, it will make them go away.

You can plant garlic as a barrier around your garden. But make sure to plant it neatly so the rabbit will go away while sensing the garlic scent.

Garlic Plant

Garlic is relatively easy to plant. You can plant this first before the other. This way may be the best way of how to keep rabbits out of the garden.

2. Keep Tidy And Clean

The second thing that you can do is keeping the garden tidy and clean. It can keep almost all animals out. Because they can’t hide behind the lush leaves.

Cut every yellow leaf, and throw the trash around the plant. It better if you clean the grass too diligently.

You have to make sure there is no place to hide while day or night. So all animal which wants to eat your plant will go away.

3. Use Repellent

Rabbit Repellent

The next tips of how to keep rabbits out of the garden are using repellent. If you have tried the barrier from garlic and it doesn’t work at all try these tips.

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Make your DIY dish soap repellent. Use warm water, put it in a spray bottle. Then add dish soap to the water. After that, you can add more garlic, pepper, chili, and other scented yet spicy things.

Spray this repellent to the ground around your garden. Or if it does not damage the plant, you can spray it to the plant itself.

if you are too busy making this DIY, you can buy rabbit repellent which scented like blood or coyote urine. You can purchase this repellent in the store.

4. Use Lighting

Light is one of the things that the rabbit and other animals don’t like. You can use a lamp to give the light while it a night.

Then at noon, you can place a CD which can reflect the sun’s light. This light can make the rabbit go away because they don’t like and afraid of them.

Change the lamp or CD place weekly so the rabbit cannot consider or avoid the lamp. It will be more effective to keep the rabbit out.

5. Maintain Animals to Look After the Garden

Dog and cat can help you to keep the rabbit out too. Have them as a pet and let them guard the garden. Place them at the garden at noon or make the dog cage near the garden.

Rabbit and another animal will afraid of them and try to stay away. Don’t forget to feed them so they don’t try to damage the plant.

6. Put Up Barrier

The sixth thing you can do is making a barrier. Be sure to make a high barrier. Approximately above 2 feet.

And because of the rabbit can digging the ground, you need to plant the barrier too. So dig for about a feet and place the barrier.

If needed you can lay the wire fence at the ground, bury a part of them and use the rest as a fence barrier. So the rabbit cannot enter the garden by digging or jump above it.

7. Give them food

The last thing you can do of how to keep rabbits out of the garden is giving them a place to eat. Serve them with a special plant that you allow to eat.

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You can make a separate garden a few meters from the main garden. Place it near the rabbit’s hole.

So they will choose to eat there rather eat from your main garden. Don’t forget to plant some carrot and other rabbit’s favorite food.

You can combine all the do’s above. And don’t forget to avoid this don’ts.

How to Keep Rabbits Out Of Garden: Don’ts

Besides doing the tips, there is also something you need to pay attention to. Here are some prohibited things while keeping the rabbit out.

1. Use Physical Trap

The first thing you don’t have to do is using a physical trap. Especially if you can not see blood or injured animals. The physical trap may cause animals injured because they want to get out of that trap.

If you use this trap and the rabbit got wound, you have two option which is hard to do. Help them to stay alive and let them eat your plant or kill them which will be harder to do.

2. Use Poison

Rabbit Poison

Poison may cause the rabbit death too. If you don’t like caring the dead animal, touch or bury them. Don’t use poison.

3. Forget To Clean Up Garden

As mention before, keeping the garden clean is a must. Be sure to cut the grass and yellow leaves. The dirty garden will make it look neglected.

So that animals can casually enter and damage the plants. Because they feel the garden is far from human reach.

4. Forget To Reapply Repellent

The repellent which is applied to the garden needs to reapply regularly. Make sure that the scent is still sensed by the animal.

Try to reapply that repellent almost every day. If you forget to reapply the repellent rabbit may enter the garden easily.

Those do’s and donts can be a solution to the rabbit problem. Make sure to do the step carefully and diligently.

Doing a step will protect the garden, but reapply and redo all tips may prevent the garden more. Because who knows when the rabbit will enter the garden.

If you do all the preventive step mentioned before, you also can keep out another animal too. Doing this step also can save your time for gardening.

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