Can Chickens Eat Tomatoes? Find the Facts Here!

Can Chickens Eat Tomatoes

Can Chickens Eat Tomatoes? Absolutely YES!. For chicken fans, of course, there are many who do not know the true benefits of tomato for chickens. Because what people know tomatoes are usually vegetables and can be eaten only for humans. But did you know? The tomatoes are very nutritious for chickens.

What is The Tomato Content?

Tomato Content

Before discussing further the benefits of tomatoes for chicken, you should know in advance the content contained in this tomato fruit. Tomato is a berry plant that belongs to the family Solanaceae or eggplant tribes such as Eggplant, Chili and Ranti.

Tomatoes contain various vitamins, minerals, and plant compounds. Plant compounds that are very beneficial for health contained in tomatoes are like Lycopene, Beta-Carotene, Naringenin, and Chlorogenic Acid.

This tomato has a content that is good enough for the chicken’s body, including vitamin A; B1; B3; B5; B6; B9; B12; C; D; E; K; phosphor; sugar; calcium; calories; fat; magnesium; and many more.

The Benefits of Tomatoes For Chicken

Giving the right tomatoes to the chicken and the right time has some benefits. All the contents present in tomatoes can, of course, provide very good benefits for the chicken’s body.

1. Increase Endurance Chicken

For breeders, it is certainly very beneficial if the chicken has good immunity. Thus the chicken will avoid viruses and diseases. To increase immunity to the chicken body, can do with a variety of methods such as providing vaccines and treatments as well as providing a balanced nutritional intake.

As the content contained in tomatoes can be a nutritional intake for chicken. Giving tomatoes to the correct chicken will increase the chicken’s immune system.

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Because the fiber and water content in tomatoes can prevent the attack of bad bacteria. It can be used as a drug for constipation or diarrhea, and many chicken lovers have done it.

2. Making The Ideal Chicken Body

As chicken owners, we must understand the condition of our chickens, as if the chicken’s body weight has exceeded the normal limit. Certainly, the chicken will become less agile and also easily tired.

Then the provision of tomatoes can be a pretty good solution for your chicken. Because the content of Potassium and Potassium in tomatoes can reduce levels of fat and cholesterol in the chicken body.

So that the chicken body becomes more ideal. This tomato is very useful for burning fat, so giving tomatoes to chickens can reduce weight.

3. Increase Chicken Stamina

The content of vitamins in tomatoes provides excellent benefits to increase chicken stamina. oxygen to all organs in the body. Actually, some chicken hobbyists already know that tomatoes are good for raising chicken’s stamina and breathing.

Giving tomatoes can increase chicken stamina. The content of vitamin E and vitamin B3 found in tomatoes serves as protective oxygen to all organs in the body.

The extraordinary benefit of giving tomatoes to chicken is to increase stamina. There have been many chicken hobbyists who provide tomatoes regularly and are proven to be able to increase chicken stamina. If in the beginning, the chicken gets tired, give tomatoes slices every day.

4. Increase Body Metabolism

The contents of tomatoes are also able to increase the metabolism of the chicken body. Folic Acid in tomatoes can repair the damage to the nervous system that occurs in the chicken body.

And other ingredients such as citric acid and malic acid can increase chicken appetite. This is one of the reasons that chickens can eat tomatoes. Because it can lead to an increase in chicken metabolism

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5. Healthy Digestive System

Tomatoes are rich in fiber and nutritious water which nourishes the digestive system. So that the growth of bad bacteria and viruses in the chicken body can be minimized. Besides tomatoes are useful for healthy intestines and excretion systems in chickens.

Reduce the risk of intestinal worms, lime, blood defecation, and various other diseases. Giving tomatoes to the chicken will make the digestive system healthy.

Because the water and fiber content of tomatoes is useful for killing bad bacteria found in the intestines. Most chicken lovers use tomatoes as a medicine for blood stools and lime stools.

How to Give Tomatoes to Chicken

Chickens Eat Tomatoes

There are several important things to consider when giving tomatoes to chicken. Because giving tomatoes is not done haphazardly.

You can give tomatoes every 2-3 days to the chicken. Remember tomatoes are not a staple food but only as additional feed. The portion gives to the chicken must adjust to the age of the chicken.

We recommend that the chicken given tomatoes are adult chickens. But tomatoes can also give to small chickens. However, it is recommended that chickens less than 6 months old should not be given tomatoes.

For 6-8 month-old chickens, tomatoes can give as big as a thumb. Then for adult chickens can give 2 pieces for the thumb.

Do not give tomatoes to chickens during the rainy season because it can cause chicken diarrhea. Cut tomatoes into small pieces when you want to give them to chicken.

Thus the discussion about the benefits and provision of tomatoes for chicken. It is proven can chickens eat tomatoes. Because tomatoes have many ingredients that are beneficial for chicken.

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