How To Get Rid Of Weevils Safely And Easily

How To Get Rid Of Weevils

Insects like weevils are indeed very disturbing. Not just disturbing the view, the presence of weevils reduces comfort. In addition, weevils also become an enemy for farmers because they can become pests that damage crops. The following will discuss how to get rid of weevils and how to prevent them.

Get Rid Of Weevils By Naturally

It’s not an easy thing to get rid of insects like weevils. Many people take shortcuts to use chemicals that are clearly dangerous, especially for plants that will be consumed by humans. The following is a way to get rid of weevils by using natural methods.

1. Coffee

Coffee Bean

Apart from being consumed as a drink, it turns out coffee can be useful for getting rid of weevils. The distinctive and pungent aroma of coffee is the key to how to get rid of weevils.

However, it is not recommended to sprinkle coffee grounds directly on the seeds that are attacked by weevils. Because it can change the aroma and flavor of these seeds. The right way is to put the coffee powder into a cloth or a hole in the plastic.

2. Garlic


Again, what weevils don’t like is the aroma. Therefore need an ingredient that has a pungent aroma that will not be liked by weevils. One of them is garlic. With the very pungent aroma of garlic, this will definitely disturb the weevils and make it go away.

To get rid of weevils by preparing a few cloves of onion. The onion is peeled and crushed a little so that the aroma is more out. But keep in mind that the water content in onions can be at risk of damaging grains.

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3. Chili

This is how to get rid of weevils easily and use natural ingredients. This one plant is usually not preferred because of its spicy taste and strong aroma. Sometimes the unused chili will eventually turn dry. If you find dry chili at home you should not immediately throw it away because it turns out the aroma of chili can be useful to expel weevils.

How chili can get rid of weevils? The trick is to put dried chili on top of the seeds that are attacked by weevils. The aroma of chili will make weevils disappear. However, check regularly whether the aroma of chili is still smelled or not. If not, then replace the chilies with new dried chilies.

4. Cinnamon

Another aroma that weevils won’t alike is cinnamon. It has been proven that cinnamon has a strong aroma. In some dishes in Asian countries, you will usually find a mixture of cinnamon as a spice. And even coffee is added to add the aroma of coffee.

Unlike garlic, cinnamon will not change the aroma and flavor of the grains. So as to get rid of weevils from the seeds by putting cinnamon in the seeds directly. Or put the cinnamon powder in cheesecloth or plastic with a small opening. This is how to get rid of weevils easily and use natural ingredients.

5. Pepper


In addition to being used as a spice in cooking, pepper also turns out to have another function which is to drive out weevils. As with other ingredients, pepper has a strong aroma that weevils hate hating. To expel weevils with pepper is quite easy.

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You do this with a container in the form of cloth containing dried pepper into the grain container. It can also be sprinkled directly on seeds, but this will be less practical because when you want to use the seeds must separate the seeds with pepper.

How To Prevent Weevils

Knowing the fact that interference from weevils is very real. Then there must be preventative measures so that weevils do not easily attack grains. The following are ways to prevent the arrival of weevils.

1. Store Grains in a Closed Container

Grains in Closed Container

The first attempt to answer how to get rid of weevils is to prevent them from getting into the stored grain. As much as possible to store it in a very tightly closed container. Make sure there is not the slightest gap to become a weevils way to enter.

2. Store in a cool place

The thing that is most preferred by weevils is a place that has warm temperatures. The temperature ranges from 27 to 30 degrees Celsius. Therefore, to prevent an increase in temperature in the grain so as not to exceed 27 degrees. Store the seeds you want to protect from weevils in a cooler place.

3. Use Special Materials

As explained above that weevils really do not like the pungent aroma. Therefore, to prevent the arrival of weevils in grains, you can add strong-scented ingredients. Examples such as cinnamon, coffee, garlic, chili and much more.

That’s all about the information on how to get rid of weevils easily and using natural ingredients. To get rid of these insects can also be with chemicals but the price will be very much more expensive. And its only temporary because the weevils will be easy to return. Besides chemicals are also not very safe especially if consumed.

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