How Do Chickens Mate to Get Fertilized

How Do Chickens Mate

Mating is a very serious condition for every animal, especially the chickens. Even though they are not living in the wild, still, the law of competition is applied. Only the strong one who can survive and get the girls around the yard. This cannot be trained because it is driven by instinct. So, it goes the same thing with they are dating, that is why you have to know how do chickens mate until the hen’s get fertilized.

Some people might get confused when the right time for the chicken’s dating. Well, let them decide the moment. But one thing for sure, once you see the cockerels are dancing around the hens, also running try to catch them, it is possibly “the time”. Because that is one of the ways how do chickens mate. Usually, it starts when the cooler month is coming.

How Do Chickens Mate That Human Doesn’t Know

Mating for chickens is not only about the biological cycle, but it is also a behavior. Thus, the effort doesn’t only come from the roosters, but also from the hens too. Even though the roosters think that it is their job to keep the flock exists. Let’s talk the way how do chickens mate, because when you have them in the yard, at least you can do some preparations further.

1. “Courtship” Season

As we mentioned above that “the time” is coming in the cooler months. You will see the “courtship” attitude is increasing in this period. Then, this matter is raising up once in the springtime. The roosters start to “tid-bitting” the girls, such as offering the food. They do this to invite the girls’ attention.

Did-bitting is shown by finding a special tasty piece for the chosen hen. The rooster will call her with special movements, like bobbing the head, pecking that piece, and clucking. This might not directly mate, but it is the way he teases the hen to make a special impression for further steps.

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2. Do a “Dance”

Chicken Do A Dance When Mating

You might be curious about what kind of dance of how do chickens mate by dropping one wing to the ground. Then, they will do shuffling around the chosen hen. This shows his interest in the hen. When the hen let caught by the rooster, he will grab the rear side of her. Then, suddenly hop on her to start mate. This kind of rooster is the one who doesn’t bother with the courtship process. He just jumps into the main business.

It happens the same thing to the hens that there are some girls who don’t mind about this. Once the rooster begins “on-board”, she will help him to get balance. Her comb or neck will be grabbed to have long steady for him.

3. Squat or Crouch Dropping

Squat or Crouch Dropping Chickens Mate

This is what the hen does when she is compliant with a rooster. The hen has a right to choose the rooster too. When the hen accepts “tid-bitting”, it doesn’t mean she wants to go further. Sometimes it is just respect, but if the girl squats and drops her head, lower her body, and spreads the wings, then the answer is “yes”.

The hen has criteria, such as a bright red comb, shining feathers, and many more. Furthermore, the hen will see his ability too. Thus, when two roosters are chest-bumping and fighting, the hen sees which is the stronger one. The submissive rooster will back off and the dominant continue to mate.

4. “Cloacal Kiss”

“Cloacal Kiss” Chicken Mate

Actually, “cloacal kiss” happens once the rooster is successful “on-board”. This could be started by foreplay, such as by prancing around the hen. The further step of how do chickens mate is when the cloaca of the rooster and the hen met. Here the sperm exchange happens quickly without penetration just like other mammals do.

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The cloaca is a rear “door” which is available in both of them. The hen’s has three functions which are for faces, eggs exit, and mating. While in the rooster, the cloaca only has two functions, that are for faces and sperm exchange.

5. Shake the Feathers

Moving away and shaking the feathers is how do chickens mate ending. Once it is finished, the rooster will move on from the hen’s body. Then the hen will shake her feathers out and pretend everything is normal. Surprisingly, the rooster is able to mate up for times (up to 30 times per day), or it depends on the ability and enthusiasm. On the other hand, the hen’s egg is always ready in “the time”. So, once the sperm is coming, the egg will be fertilized.

What to Prepare When You See the Chickens are Ready to Mate

Now you already knew about how chickens mate. Those things mentioned above are a natural way, but you can help them to get a mate. It is good to keep the flocks in your yard. If you want to do this, then you need to do several preparations.

First of all, you need to provide a legal location. It means that you have to separate the location from the flock. You can set a net as their “private room”. When you prepare this location, you can also think about the new chickens’ house. Because not many people think about this. So, when the new chickens are coming out, the owner has no place for them.

Then, it is easy if you only have one rooster inside. He will be the most handsome one, but it would be difficult when you have several of them. You need to help the hen to choose the right one. All you can do is selecting a good one by seeing their physical appearance. Because he will result in the same quality to the eggs.

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