How to Trim Goat Hooves in Easy Ways

How to Trim Goat Hooves

Raising the animals is not only about feeding them food and providing a comfortable place. Paying attention to their groom is also important. It is applied when you are raising goats too. They have hooves which raise quickly, then you need to trim it periodically. Their hooves can cause a disease or any infection. But, not all people are able to do it well. So, in this article, you will find how to trim goat hooves in easy ways.

Trimming animals’ hooves might be scary, including for the goats. The goats would feel uncomfortable. Then, you probably face their rampage to get a kick. As our first advice, just be gentle and put them in the right position. Unluckily, both are not enough to do a proper trim. They still have a risk to get hurt. Read more our advice about how to trim goat hooves below.

5 Easy Ways to Get Your Goat Hooves Trimmed

Before we share how to trim your goat hooves in easy ways, you need to do several preparations. First, get your materials, such as a brush to dust, pair of hand gloves, clippers, and a powder in case your goat gets bleed. Then, soften their hooves. It is better to get naturally from raining. But, it is okay to water it first. After those preparations are done, let’s try several ways below:

1. Put on the Milking Stand

Put on the Milking Stand

Trimming hooves is one of the most hated things for every goat. So, make sure they are in a good mood while you are doing the trimming. Putting them on the milking stand could be a good idea. You will need to place their favorite grain. It might be a sweet feed or others. Whatever treat that makes them happy, just provide it.

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2. Clean the Hooves

As we mentioned before, you need to make their hooves soften. Trimming soften hooves is easier to do. Make sure their attention is already sidetracked. Now grab the hoof and put in on your bended knee. If you have another position to work, just do what makes you comfortable. Then, remove all dirt and grime by using the brush. You cannot pass this part, because any rocks, dirt, or mud will make trimming process difficult.

3. Start with the Front Side

Start with the Front Side

How to trim goat hooves is started by cutting the front side. It is a smooth method to avoid your goat feel awkward. Use a clipper or hoof shears. If you already see a white surface, don’t clip further. You will make them bleed when you see a pink surface. Once you finish on the front side, start to trim the sides of the nail. A goat has two toes on each foot with heels on each. Trim those part too until you reach the white surface.

4. Go to the Back Hoof

Go to the Back Hoof

If you already finished with the front and the side, then move to the back hoof. Sitting behind your goat while trimming the backside is better than beside it. This position makes you easier in trimming. But again, doing a goat hoof trimming from the front to the back is just an option. Any position and rhythm depend on your call.

In this part, don’t release your grab from their hoof. Trim the overgrown part just like the previous side. Don’t forget to trim the heel too. Make it sole of the hoof as well.

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5. Use Blood Stop Powder and Get Zinc (If Necessary)

Blood Stop Powder

Even though you have followed “how to trim goat hooves” steps carefully, your goat might still possibly get bleed. Don’t be panic, just get the blood stop powder directly. Use it once you see a pink surface as we said before. Applying this powder can help you correct this case. Sprinkle powder on the pink area when it gets bleed. If you are not sure of what you do, read the instruction on the product. There must be some information and how to use the powder properly.

After their both feet are finished trimmed, you can let them take bath in their pen. Add some zinc sulfite to their water is good to prevent any bacteria. This chemical fight bad things which can cause infection-prone on their feet. For your information, the bacteria are not always from trimming. Sometimes, when you are allowed the goat to walk through mud and faces can also occur an infection.

How Often Should the Goat Trimmed?

After you find the hacks of how to trim goat hooves, you must be wondering how often it should be trimmed. We can’t say the exact period because as the first step you need to monitor their hooves one a week. Check how fast they are growing. Each goat has different rates, it is influenced by the breed, exercise, living condition, until their diet.

Commonly people do their goat hooves trimming once in two to four weeks. It is only the average period, not the ideal one. Still, you must keep your eyes to their feet. Don’t let the hooves become overgrown.

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