How To Get Rid Of Bagworms Easily

How To Get Rid Of Bagworms

How To Get Rid Of Bagworms

The presence of bagworms seems to give disadvantages to farmers. Because these insects attack plants from seedlings, young plants until the plants produce fruit. This insect can spread because there are wind assistance and several other factors. The following is an explanation of how to get rid of bagworms easily.

Observe the existence of Bagworms

The first step to get rid of bagworms is to observe their presence in the garden or surroundings. The existence of these insects is often invisible so that farmers are not too concerned. Here is a way to observe bagworms in the surrounding environment.

1. Observe Bagworms

The shape of bagworms is very unique especially its cocoon resembling a pine. Research to observe the cocoons of bagworms because they will be covered with dry leaves so they are similar to pine trees. Usually, these insects appear in winter or early spring. The size of these bagworms usually ranges from 4 to 5 centimeters. This is the first way to answer how to get rid of bagworms.

2. Clean The Fallen Bagworms

Don’t underestimate bagworms that fall to the ground. Because bagworms that fall are not necessarily dead and can still damage plants. Therefore, clean the insects that fall to the ground by using a regular or special broom. Don’t throw this insect into the compost because it can’t live there and throw it in a closed place.

3. Observe The Places That Bagworms Will Live

Observing places that bagworms might occupy is part of how to get rid of bagworms. Conflicting threads produced by bagworms will be easily carried by the wind and stick to places around the garden. This will be a sign of new bagworms to become new habitats.

Eradicate Bagworms Egg

Eradicate Bagworms Egg

Not an easy matter to get rid of eggs from these insects. Eggs become the main thing that must be cleaned because that is where new individuals will emerge. Here’s how to get rid of egg bagworms in the garden.

1. Prepare The Tool

To eradicate bagworms eggs the first is to prepare the tools. The equipment that must be prepared is a bucket, warm water, and dish soap. Then mix the warm water and soap into the bucket until it is evenly distributed.

2. Discard Eggs And Bagworms Living Place

This method is also part of how to get rid of bagworms. Removing eggs and living space from these bagworms is very important to completely get rid of them. Use gloves and scissors to cut branches or twigs that contain eggs and saliva from these insects.

3. Put It In The Bucket

The next step is to put the bagworms and eggs in the bucket. The bucket in question is a bucket of warm water and soap that has been stirred. This is so that the eggs and insects die. Therefore, make sure that it is completely submerged.

4. Remove Bagworms and Eggs

The next way is to remove eggs and bagworms that have been soaked earlier. Put the eggs and insects first in a closed plastic bag. Then throw the plastic in the trash. This method is also part of how to get rid of bagworms

5. Repeat the Procedure

If all of these methods have been carried out, it is necessary to repeat this procedure. Do this every winter, autumn, or spring. It aims to reduce the population of bagworms and their eggs before hatching and reduce insecticide levels.

Eradicate The Newly Hatched Bagworms

Bagworms that have just hatched will usually be many in number and difficult to control. Thus, to answer how to get rid of these bagworms requires special treatment. The following is an explanation of how to eradicate bagworms.

1. Use Insecticide

How to get rid of bagworms one of them is to use insecticides. It is recommended to use insecticides in May or June. The reason is that at that time new bagworms hatched and were in a very weak condition.

2. Look for the existence of Chief Bagworms

The next thing to do is look for the existence of the head of the bagworms from the cocoon. Shaped like a caterpillar and will usually go back into the cocoon if it feels threatened. Looking for the head of this insect aims to spray insecticide directly into the insect.

3. Choose The Best Insecticide

Choosing an insecticide is important because it requires special ingredients to eradicate these bagworms. It is recommended to choose insecticides that contain bacteria that are deadly to these insects such as Bacillus Thuringiensis. The number of bagworms that exist will affect the costs incurred for the insecticide.

4. Adding Insecticide to the Spray

The next way is to put the insecticide in the spray bottle. The goal is to be more practical and simple when giving insecticides to bagworms. Try to cover the area that was just sprayed and avoid out of reach of children.

5. Choose the Right Time

The last way to get rid of bagworms is to choose the right time to spray the insecticide. A good time to spray is from May until early July. And stop spraying at the end of July to August because bagworms are already immune to insecticides.

That’s the explanation of how to get rid of bagworms properly and easily. There are three stages that must be passed and carried out correctly without missing a single trace. If this is really done then bagworms will be easy to get rid of.

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