Can You Eat Watermelon Seeds? Find Life-Changing Facts Here!

Can You Eat Watermelon Seeds

Can You Eat Watermelon Seeds

Watermelon becomes a perfect treat for summer. A fruit with vibrant red flesh tastes so refreshing for it contains a lot of water. But spitting out the seeds breaks the pleasure of eating the fruit. While skittish people get scared if the seeds cause them choking, kids believe that swallowing watermelon seeds will make it grow in their stomach. Can you eat watermelon seeds actually?

In fact, watermelon seeds come in a small size that it will not harm your body. And yet it does not mean you can consume raw seeds as many as you can. There are some people who choose to eat seeds in quite attractive ways. Here, you are about to figure out the fact if watermelon seeds are safe to consume and ways to turn the seeds into delicious and healthy food.

Can You Eat Watermelon Seeds?

There is nothing to worry about when you eat watermelon and swallow some seeds. The seeds are safe to eat and they will not ignite growth inside your body. However, eating watermelon seeds straight from the flesh may be annoying for the shell is hard. To get a better experience of consuming watermelon seeds, you can sprout them or take other methods so they become more edible.

Do you know? Watermelon seeds are rich of nutrient, especially the sprouted versions. An ounce serving contains 10 grams of protein—it is comparable to the amount of protein found in Greek yogurt. The seeds are also a good source of magnesium, vitamin B, and fats. Packed with a variety of nutrient, watermelon seeds can reduce inflammation, stroke, and cholesterol levels.

Ways to Enjoy Watermelon Seeds

While eating a pile of watermelon seeds straight from the fruit is not recommended, there are ways to enjoy the seeds and make it tastier. You can simply sprout the seeds, roast the seed, or get the nutrient from watermelon seed oil. Dive deeper to know more about attractive ways to enjoy watermelon seeds.

1. Sprouted Watermelon Seeds

Sprouted Watermelon Seeds

Making sprout from watermelon seeds is the best way to get the nutrient at its most. It is mentioned that germinated seeds contain higher nutrient than non-germinated version. When you sprout the seeds, you remove compounds that are difficult to absorb by your body. When the seeds are sprouted, it provides absorbable nutrient such as vitamin B, protein, fats, and magnesium that are linked to health benefits.

To get a pack of nutrient from sprouted seeds, get a handful of watermelon seeds and soak in water. Leave overnight and wait for a few days. You will see they are visibly sprouted. At this point, you can dry the sprouts in the oven or under the sun. Sprouted watermelon is ready to enjoy as a healthy snack or salad toppings.

Today, sprouted seeds are available in a much easier way. There are a variety of products that provide sprouted watermelon seeds. Without spending your time for the sprouting process, you can enjoy the health benefits it provides.

2. Roasted watermelon seeds

Roasted watermelon seeds

Roasting is another method to enjoy your watermelon seeds in good taste. This way takes less time than sprouted version as you do not need to wait for few days before consuming the seed. You should note that roasting the seeds makes you lose the nutrition, but they are still tasty and crispy snack you can have.

To make watermelon seeds, get a handful of watermelon seeds and spread on a baking sheet. Put them in the oven and roast for 15 minutes at 325 degree Fahrenheit or until they are brown and crispy. Roasted seeds taste delicious and can be a homemade snack to eat while reading books or watching TV. To enhance the taste, drizzle with sea salt and olive oil.

3. Watermelon seed oil

Watermelon seed oil

This may not a thing you can make at home. But consuming watermelon seed oil is another interesting way to enjoy its distinctive taste and get its health benefits. You can use the oil to cook or drizzle it on your salads. Watermelon seed oil can be purchased in stores, but it is not cheap.

Can you eat watermelon seeds? Sure! Watermelons are safe to eat but it is not recommended to consume the seeds straight from the fruit. Instead, use those 3 ways to enjoy the seed and get the nutritional benefits. 

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