Can Rabbits Eat Broccoli? And Facts You Should Know!

Can Rabbits Eat Broccoli

Rabbits are always synonymous with carrots as food.  All rabbit pictures in all media always include carrots as food.  That is why, ordinary people and children – “children always give carrots to rabbits. As if rabbits and carrots become a complementary whole.  What about other types of vegetables? What vegetables can be eaten by rabbits? Can rabbits eat broccoli?

The good news, rabbits are animals that eat all kinds of vegetables. These cute animals are always identified as carrot eaters.   Basically, rabbits, which are one of the iconic cartoon films that are loved by children, are always identified with carrot eaters. 

The Benefit of Broccoli For Rabbits

The question is can rabbits eat broccoli? The answer is absolutely yes! Broccoli is a type of green vegetable that is very beneficial for rabbits. Here are some of the advantages of broccoli. Including :

1. Contain lots of water.

As a part of herbivorous animals, rabbits eat vegetables.  Rabbits like various types of vegetables, including broccoli.  The water content in broccoli gives a fresh sensation favored by rabbits.  Broccoli contains a lot of water that serves to expedite the metabolic processes in the body of rabbits.  Water in broccoli can also give a slightly sweet taste. So the vegetables are liked by rabbits.

2. Contain fiber

Another advantage of broccoli for rabbits is that they contain more fiber.  Fiber serves to launch metabolism in rabbits and is able to absorb perfectly important substances in food.  For those of you who raise rabbits for meat, giving more intake of broccoli can increase the weight of rabbits. 

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3. Contain Chlorophyll

Broccoli, especially green broccoli contains a lot of chlorophyll.  This substance is useful for rabbits to prevent hair loss from rabbits.  Giving more green broccoli to rabbit breeders to use their fur is the right way. Chlorophyll contained in broccoli also functions as an anti-cancer agent.  Cancer not only attacks humans but also animals, especially rabbits.

4. Contain More Vitamin C

Vitamin C in green broccoli is higher than other types of vegetables.  Vitamin C also works to maintain the immune system.  Rabbits often experience changes in weather temperatures around them. Because of the transfer of places from the seller and buyer.  The environment temperature for the buyer is not always the same as the environment temperature for the seller.

5. Contains DHA

Although not like humans who use more brains to think and seek the reason.  But DHA is also needed by rabbits for brain development that can maximize nerve function.  Perfect brain development can develop a more optimal nerve function. So that the rabbit can move nimbly.  For this reason the importance of giving types of vegetables with high DHA content, such as the broccoli. 

6. Contain more Protein

Not only for humans.  Protein is very useful to support active rabbit body movements. To support active movement in rabbits. Especially for the development of the body. Therefore, it is one of a reason to give rabbits broccoli. 

7. Contain more calcium

Rabbit activities include jumping and running.  This requires sufficient calcium to support the strength of the bones that can be used for running and jumping.  As herbivorous animals, rabbits will need more calcium from vegetables. The answer to meeting those needs is in broccoli.  Vegetables that contain more calcium can meet the needs of calcium in rabbits. Broccoli can support the steps.

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Rabbits like this vegetable because of its fresh taste with a little sweetness. Therefore, for rabbit breeders who want to gain weight naturally, broccoli can be given on their diet.  Broccoli can stimulate appetite in rabbits. Therefore, you should give rabbits broccoli twice a week. 

How To Give Rabbits A Brocolli

Based on the benefits of eating broccoli for rabbits.  Thus, the importance of giving broccoli to rabbits. Back to the question: can rabbits eat broccoli, the answer is yes.  But for rabbit owners, they must know how to give broccoli to rabbits to be right and right.  Here’s how:

Wash Broccoli

  1. Wash broccoli.  If you will give rabbits the broccoli. Before going to give broccoli to rabbits. It is recommended to wash first with clean water.  Broccoli is free from soil germs and dirt that can cause disease.
  2. Cut into small pieces. The little rabbit’s mouth must be adjusted to its food.  Therefore, it would be nice if you cut broccoli first. To make it easier for rabbits to eat, due to the rather hard texture of broccoli.
  3. Mix it with other vegetables. After chopping into small pieces, it is recommended to give the rabbit broccoli by mixing it first with other vegetables.  For that reason, rabbits need a variety of foods to support their movements.
  4. Mix it with other food ingredients. If additional ingredients are needed, to add nutrition and weight.  Therefore, giving broccoli to rabbits with other food ingredients will make the rabbit gain weight.

Again, if people ask can rabbits eat broccoli, then the answer is still yes  But remember to consider some of the benefits of broccoli in rabbits.  You do not need to hesitate anymore to provide alternative broccoli type vegetables to rabbits.

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