How to Keep Birds Out of Garden? Here Are 9 Tips You Can Try!

Birds in Garden

If you are planting nuts or some vegetables that are bird’s favorite. They would be a predator for your garden. How to keep birds out of the garden will be the main focus of your day after planting. Here are some tips you can do to prevent the birds to come and damage your garden.

Do This Tips To Prevent Birds Coming And Eat Your Plant

The bird is cute, but if it eats all of your plants and makes them damaged it will be frustrating. After working so hard to till, cultivate, and plant some vegetables or nuts you will really care about this plant and want to protect them from all predators. Do the tips below to save them from birds.

1. Use Bird Netting

Bird Netting for Garden

Bird net usually has 1 cm hole. This net will be good to prevent the bird but can to allow the bee to get in. Bee still needed by the plant to spread the stamens.

If you use a smaller net, the bee will hard to reach the flower. It may cause the plant cannot develop well. Put the netting neatly.

Make sure you put it tight and straight. If it is too loose, it may damage the plant and the bird still can eat the plants. It will easily break by the animals.

2. Use Chicken Wire

Chicken Wire

The second tools you can use is a wire. Chicken wire will help you prevent birds and chicken to get in. This wire is strong enough to secure the garden.

Place this wire as border or barrier around the garden. If needed you can use wood to be the frame. So this wire can be a fence which covers the garden.

Chicken wire is easy to use and can combine with the bird net. First, put the chicken wire like a garden’s border. Then, lay the bird net above the wire, and tie it tightly.

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This step of how to keep birds out of garden will also save the plant from another animal. Such as chicken, rabbit, and etc.

3. Use Big Balloon

Big Balloon to Scare Birds

Birds come from the sky. So use something that easies to see from above. For example a balloon. You can use a balloon with a big dot.

The birds will think that this is an eye. To make it more real, use two balloons to resemble a pair of big monster’s eye. The bird will afraid to come and the garden is safe. Don’t forget to change those balloons location, so the bird will not suspicious of the eyes.

4. Use Garden Fleece

Garden Fleece

Garden fleece will cover the seed. If you planting from seed, use those fleece to cover the soil. This also can secure seeds from the bird.

5. Use Toys

Snake Toys

Toys also can use as the plant savior. Buy a plastic owl or snakes. Put it like you have a predator pet at the garden.

For example, you can use a plastic owl make it with a stand. So the birds will see that there is a predator standing above the garden. Make it like a real situation, and don’t forget to change the place regularly, maybe twice a week.

If you use a plastic snake, you also can place it near the tree or in a stand like an owl. Choose the closest size so these toys look alike the real one.

6. Scarecrows


Scarecrows are work too in some place. You can make it from people size wood. Make it like a plus shape first. Then put some cotton or straws there as the body and hand.

Put on vibrant colored clothes, hat, and shoes in it. Once again don’t forget to change it regularly because people will not stand for a long time in the same place right?

7. Garden Spinners

Garden Spinners

Spinners may cause the birds to keep out. It because they think this spinner alive. You can choose any spinner that you want.

The main idea is to make the bird think that in those garden, something moving and guarding. You can buy this spinner at the store or make it by your self.

8. Windchimes


Windchimes will produce sounds while the wind is hit. The sound can repel the birds because they don’t like sudden sound. You can place more than one windchimes to make them more afraid to come.

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9. CD or Reflector

CD in Garden

The next things to do of how to keep birds out of garden is placing CD or some reflector. It would make the birds dazzled.

No one likes to be dazzled so do the birds. Place it randomly and change the place once a week.

These 9 tips work for some garden. You can combine them or do all of them alternately as you want. The most important thing of how to keep birds out of garden is trying to scare the bird.

Things You Must Know

Then while doing those tips which is mentioned before you need to pay attention at some point. Here they are.

1. Choose A High-quality Netting

When choosing a bird netting you must know which is good or not. A good netting has a strong yarn. If you choose the strong one, you could prevent a bigger size bird.

There is a cheap one that uses really thin yarn. It may cause some injuries to the bird but after some attack, the net may damage too. So you will need to replace it soon.

A high-quality netting will last longer. Maybe for a year or more. It better because will save your money and time. Putting this netting to the garden cannot be done in 15 minutes to make it last longer is better than to fix it often.

2. Change the Clothes and Accessories Weekly

The next thing is changing the cloth and accessories you use a garden. For example, a scarecrow needs to replace the clothes. It because some smart birds can memorize the place and pattern of the scarecrow.

Maybe if you place just one scarecrow in a place for a month they will not scare of them anymore. They will know that the scarecrow is not a human to afraid of.

At least if you use spinner, CD, or toys change the place regularly. The random point is good.

Do the rolling method so the bird will don’t realize that this is a trap to scare them. The key of how to keep birds out of garden is trying to do those tips while paying attention to the considered things.

Being patient is also a necessity because birds have a brain. They will think to get food. So you need to think more than them to save your asset too.

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