How to Catch A Chicken Without Spending So Much Energy

How To Catch A Chicken

Raising chicken is now getting popular even for urban people. It is exciting to get fresh eggs without having to go through the store or market. However, there is a certain moment when you need to catch them. You probably need to check their condition from parasites or other problem. But, no many people know how to catch a chicken without getting exhausted. They like to run everywhere so you will get stress.

Catching them is a little tricky. The best way to keep them keep staying is by building a coop. But, how if they are getting away from the coop? This article will let you know how to catch a chicken with no stress. There are various techniques you might to try. Also, we inform you about their facts too. So, you can use it as the opportunity to catch them.

The Unpredicted Things of Chicken

Some people might see the chicken is a bird. Well, that is not wrong. Indeed, chicken is still a group of Aves. But, there is a special thing which only belongs to chicken. The facts below are several things you should know about them. The unexpected and uniqueness that proves you need to understand how to catch a chicken:

1. The Bird That Cannot Fly

Chicken Cannot Fly

If you sometimes see the chicken try to lift up their body, then yes, they are trying to fly. But unluckily, their body is bigger than the wings. So, how hard they try to flap their wings, the body cannot fly as high as a bird. Also, chicken’s wings form is not as tight as the bird. It makes the muscles are not strong enough to bring their body too high.

2. They Have Routine

Chicken is probably the role of discipline. They have a routine for their everyday life. Since the sun rises, the rooster is roasting for waking up people. While the hen is preparing for seeking food. This routine keeps rolling every day. Also, they know the schedule when to get back to the coop. Those are the samples of their regular habits.

3. Blind in the Dark

Chicken has two eyes beside its head. But, those cannot function when the light is getting dim. Moreover, if the night comes, chicken is not able to see. Their eyes cannot capture an object in the dark. So, that is why chicken is used to stay in the coop when the sun gets down.

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4. Low Vision

Another weakness of their eyes is the sharpness of vision. Even the eyes are beside the head, they cannot see things very clearly. Their vision is not supported by good coordination. Thus, chicken is only able to depend on one eye for each glance. This matter is usually a hack for how to catch a chicken which applied by several people.

5. Catch the Ultraviolet Light

Even though their vision becomes worse in the dark, they can catch the ultraviolet light. They are good at seeing this, while human’s eyes cannot that. Some researchers had researched chicken’s retina. They proved this and became the reason why chicken roasts every sun is rising.

How to Catch A Chicken: Smart and Simple Tricks

Now you have known the weaknesses of chicken. You might be never wondering about that. Since you got the points, it is the time to try some tricks. Below are our tips about how to catch a chicken. We have chosen the smart and simple tricks only. Hopefully, it reduces your stress to grab them by your hand:

1. Catching Them at Night

Be patient and wait until the night is coming. Knowing their vision is bad in the dark, so the night is the best time. Walk to the coop slowly, do a quiet approach with a flashlight on your hand. Don’t make some noise and movements. That can disturb them and move away. Point the light on the ground, not to the entire coop.

Catching Chicken at Night

As you are getting closer to the chicken, grab them slowly and gently. Put your hands over the wings to prevent the chicken from flaps their wings. Hold it close to your body and bring them without disturbing the others. Keep in mind, never let the other chicken sees the light. They will roost right at that moment.

2. Using Fishing Net

How to catch a chicken by using a net is quite the same as catching fish. The best way to use it is by letting them run to the net. Put your net in front of the face, so once they are moving forward, you can directly capture. Positioning the net in front side is better than the top or from behind. Also, the bigger the net is, the better.

Catching Chicken Using Fishing Net

Do capture gently but fast. Sometimes this way causes a trauma feeling for them. They will get panic and probably your condition becomes messy. After you successfully to capture the chicken, do a gentle detangling in a place. Watch out their wings and its feathers.

3. Nesting

It is quite similar to how to catch a chicken in the previous one. Besides using net like catching fish, you can use the net in their coop. Wait until they come into the box and lying there. Be ready when they are unaware. It is easier than you have to catch up them by running. But for your information, your chicken won’t be happy with this way. It also probably causes traumatic to the coop.

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Catching Chicken Using Nesting

We recommend you to use this technique rarely. Keeping their comfort in the coop is important. Don’t make them insecure every time they come back to their place. And if you want to catch the little one, it is best for you just to use another method.

4. Acting Like A Rooster

This method is suitable if you want to catch a hen. This way is funny but very effective. You just need to act like a rooster to create attention. A hen usually stops walking and will directly raise their wing once they are installing by chicken. Walk closer to the chicken from behind by lifting your body little higher. The chicken may consider the obedient mating posture.

Acting Like A Rooster

Then, put your hand over the wings. This is the best way of how to catch a chicken, not letting them flap their wings. Because their wings will make you fussy. Gently remove the chicken from their perch and move to the place you want.

5. Using A Hook

How to catch a chicken by using a hook is less-gentle but still effective. It is fast and no need to be fussy. Make a poultry hook to catch chicken by snagging their legs. Do it quickly before they struggle to be free and run away. A right moment to do it is when they are eating. You have to distract their focus than chasing them freely.

Catching Chicken Using A Hook

If you want to try using a hook, please do it carefully. Their bones are easily broken and seriously injured. Never do it on their neck, unless you will make it broken. Use a net will help you too once the stubborn one successfully grabs.

6. Do Training

You need to believe that chicken is smart enough to understand the direction. It is luckier if you have them from the egg to adult. Train them for certain signal so that they know to gather. Some chicken is easier to catch once they catch certain sign, especially to the hen.

Chicken Training

This method cannot be done at one time. It needs trust between you and the chicken. So, they won’t feel betrayed once you call them. If the chicken is already convinced you to have goodwill, they will come right up to you.

There are several techniques of how to catch a chicken. Those recommendations have been tried by people. Some are helpful and succeed to catch them owns. The important thing is approaching. Don’t create any threatening situation. The chicken will get unsettled and reluctant being close to you.

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