Can Chickens Fly? Facts and Myths

Can Chickens Fly

These days many myths about chicken have been spread around without considering a fact. One of the main myths or maybe a fact about chickens is can chickens fly? This question has been wandering around making people curious whether chickens can fly or not. Well, chickens are a type of bird that has the shape of a bird too. However, people have not seen them fly therefore they are questioning whether this is right or not.

Facts about Chicken

The first fact people should know is by answering the question can chickens fly or not. Well, chickens are just like birds, so they can fly. However, they don’t have the same ability as birds when it comes to flying. This is because the chicken has small wings that make it hard to fly. Other than that, the size of chickens is much bigger than birds. With their big size of the body, it makes it quite hard for chickens to fly far.

So, chicken can fly but in a very short distance and therefore some people think they can’t. chicken are also treated to lay eggs and for their meat, so they are purposely made fat. This is also a cause that makes them heavy, So, the answer to can chickens fly is yes, they can but in a very short distance.

As for those who don’t know, chicken is categorized as a bird even though they don’t fly far. They are the first bird that was purposed for cockfights, not for food. But as time developed many people started to realize the benefit of chicken. Therefore, many chicken farming became a trend and chicken became popular. However, people must know that chickens are not completely flightless. Because they can run away like jumping over a fence or run. But compared to other birds they do not attack.

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For people who have chicken, farming must know that chickens are omnivores. Chicken can eat almost anything such as seeds and insects, so they are easy to treat. However, they can grow bigger by eating small mice and lizards. Don’t forget to give them clean water too for their drink. If they consume less water, it will affect their strength and fat.

The Difference Between Chicken and Birds

Chicken vs Bird

People must also realize that chicken is a type of bird. From physics, people can see that their shape is almost the same. They both have wings, small beak and two feet for walking around. They both also lay eggs when they want to give birth. One of the main differences is back to the question can chickens fly.

Well, they can both fly, but chickens are only able to fly in a certain distance. Where birds can fly much farther and higher than chicken. This is because birds have bigger and stronger wings that support them to fly. Whereas chicken has small wings, and this doesn’t support their big body.

Myths About Chicken

Now after knowing the facts about chicken, people must know the myths too. Don’t believe this myth because there is no proof they are right. Below are some of the myths that people should consider:

1. Chickens Are Girls

Chickens Are Girls

Many people think that all chickens are girls because all chickens can lay an egg. Well, the truth is that this is not right because there are chicken males and females. People call the female gender hens and the male chicken roosters. If people slightly see them, there aren’t many differences. However, overall the size of a rooster is bigger than a hen and they are heavier. On the bottom of the beak, the rooster has something red. And to common sense, if all chicken is girls, then there will be no regeneration of chickens.

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2. Roosters are Mean


Maybe this myth is famous because of many films. Some chickens may be mean, but it is not specific to roosters. Remember that the rooster purpose was for cockfighting rather than for food and eggs. If they are all mean, no one would want to raise them. But the fact is almost all chickens are sweet and easy to raise.

3. Chicken or Egg?

Chicken or Egg

Like the question can chickens fly, people are also wondering which comes first? Is it the egg or the chicken that comes first? Well, scientists found out that the protein in chicken’ eggs is only in hens. Therefore, they say that chickens came out first rather than egg. Others say that chicken is first because God made animals not eggs. So, this myth of egg or chicken is finished.

So, know people can now the facts about chicken rather than believing the myths. People will not need to keep questioning whether chicken can fly or not. Remember that chicken is a type of bird and they have many similarities. However, chickens are now more for farming rather than cockfights.

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