Spade vs Shovel, What Is the Difference?

Spade vs Shovel

Tools play an important role when it comes to gardening activities in the garden or the forest. With the right tools, people will get a better result and the process can be faster. One of the many tools people use is for gardening activities is spade and shovel. So, what is the difference between spade vs shovel and what are they for? Well, the shape of these two tools is already different and the function is different. Shovels are quite longer than a spade and it is usually sharper. Don’t get confused about these two tools because they give different results.

The Difference Between Spade & Shovel

Difference Between Spade & Shovel

Before knowing the functions, people should know which shovel is and which is spade. Therefore, knowing the difference of each tool first then people will know the functions. Because using different tools will give different results to the work. Here is the difference between spade vs shovel that people should know:

1. Blade Shape

One of the main differences between these two tools is the shape of the blade. If people notice, one of them is sharp and the other is flat. The spade tool has a nearly flat shape with a straight edge at the end of the tool. Usually, this tool is for slicing through roots and soil that is not too hard.

The sizes of the blade for spades are also very variant, from small to big ones. Make sure to choose the right size because if it is too big it will be heavy. Whereas if the tool is too small, it will be hard to use. On the other hand, the blade of a shovel is a bowl shape with a rounded sharp shape on the edge. The blade is most helpful for digging and breaking into the soil.

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2. Size

At the first look, people will see that spade vs shovel is not the same because of its size. The size of a shovel is bigger than spade therefore it is also heavier. Shovels are slightly heavier because it has a big blade and is made from heavy material. The material is hard and heavy due to the function of the tool to dig and break. Whereas spade is slightly lighter and smaller than shovels because spades are made from many kinds of materials.

Materials & Cost

Overall, there aren’t many differences in materials between the spade vs shovel. Most shovels and spades are from carbon and stainless-steel blades with wooden handles. These kinds of tools are usually for gardening and hard activities. On the other hand, there are also carbon blades with fiberglass handles that are lighter to use.

This type is usually for lighter activities such as moving soils or digging not too deep. If you are planning to only move some soil into another place, choose a light material. On the other hand, if you are planning to dig big and deep choose a big shovel.

As for the price, both spade vs shovel has a variant price because it depends on the material and the size. The bigger the size is the more expensive the tool will be to buy. As for the material, lighter but useful tools will be more expensive. The big types with stainless-steel materials are usually the most expensive ones, but they last long.

The price of the tools is in the range of $7 and $50 according to brand too. So, before buying one, determine the need first then buy the ones you need. People can purchase these tools in shops for house needs or buy online. However, the best way of buying them is by buying them straight in the store to see the best ones.

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Types of Shovels and Spade

After knowing the difference between spade vs shovel, now it is time to know the difference between shovels available. There are many kinds of shovels with different functions too, therefore people must know what they need. The first type of shovel that many people use is digging shovels.

Digging Shovel
Digging Shovel

As its name, the shovel is used to dig in and is usually to plant something inside. The pointy shape on the edge helps the process of digging. There is also a square point shovel that has the same function as spades but just a sharper edge. For shovels, it is best to get steel scoops that have wood handles. These types lost longer and are usually strong.

Scoop Shovel
Scoop Shovel

If you are looking for a bigger shovel to move around materials, then choose the scoop shovels. The blades are wide and flared with a flat tip on the edge making it easy to carry things. So, this shovel will surely help people who need to move soil or flowers in a big amount. However, people must be careful because it is quite heavy compared to other

Drain Spade
Drain Spade

For those looking for spades that aren’t too big, then the drain spades can be an option. This kind of spade has a very narrow blade that will help people when gardening. The narrow edge will help people when they need to add flowers to establish or transplant new things. The hold part is also long therefore it is easy for people to use it.

So, choosing between spade vs shovel isn’t hard because they have different functions of use. Both tools are useful depending on what people will need. Therefore, to get the best results, make sure what you need then choose the tool that will help.

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