How to Kill a Tree Stump Effectively

How to Kill a Tree Stump

There is some reason that could make people want to kill a tree stump. Maybe for most people killing the tree using herbicide or other options does enough. However, you need to know, there must be possibilities that the tree could still grow if you do not kill the stump. Now, you can find out how to kill a tree stump that can make sure if the tree would not be growing up again, and become a big problem for you.

The possibility of the stump to produce a new shot is bigger than you think. Either you do not want to kill it, there must be a big problem if the tree would keep growing. However, you do not need to worry, since there are a lot of simple methods that you can do, to make sure that the tree is dead. You can find the best and popular methods that most people use to kill a tree stump.

Killing a Tree Stump using Epsom or Rock Salt

There is a reason why people wanted to choose Epsom and rock salt to kill a tree stump. The method is one of the easiest ways to kill a tree stump, which is also quite cheap to use. Once you are using this method, it may take several months to make sure if the stump dies. If you need to have a quicker method, it must not be the best solution to use, and you can try to use another method.

1. The use of table salt

Once you are using this method, you need to know that different table salt must give different results. However, you cannot use any regular table salt, that must be harmful to the soil near the stump. Most people confuse to choose the best salt for this method. You can try to use 100 percent Epsom or rock salt, that can make sure if the land is not get disturbed, and safe to use.

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rock salt

If you want to have faster results, you can try to use chemical remover with an herbicide that contains glyphosate or triclopyr. You can have a faster result if you are combining the use of salt with the stump remover or herbicide. You are also required to kill the roots surrounding the trees.

2. Drill holes on the stump

You need to make sure if all of the ingredients can be get through the stump. That is why you need to drill a pattern of holes, that should be across the surface that could be able to penetrate. Regarding the depth and size, you need to create about 1-inch-wide and 8 inches deep. The longer the hole, the best result that you can have to stop the stump in producing the new shoot.

You can use anything to create a hole, including to use an ax to chop. The most essential point is to create a deep hole as you can. If the hole cannot penetrate all of the ingredients, you must not be able to have the best result.

3. Pack the hole with salt

The next step that you can do is to fill up the hole with ¾ Epsom and salt. This is one of the most important parts that you need to consider, as you need to make sure if the stump fully covered. You can light a plain with an unscented candle, that can be able to drip wax into the hole to plug the salt.

4. Cover the stump after the plain

After you finish with the candle process, you can move into another step that is also important. You can cover the stump using a plastic trap, trash bag, and another item that has the same uses.

You need to know that the stump would die faster without having any sunlight, and also the rain. You need to make sure if the stump fully covered from everything that can help it to keep nourishing any grow. Most people say that you need to wait after six months and the stump will die. Do not forget to check if the stump does really dead.

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Shielding the Stump from The Sun

Another method that is easy and effective enough to follow is covering the stump from the sun. you need to know that this method may take a long time, but it is also a good idea if you need a cheap method. However, this method is quite slow to kill the stump, by denying the stump basic needs. Here is the best step to follow if you want to use this method.

1. Put dark trap or trash bag

Most people who want to use this method should have a big trap or trash bag. You need to know that the trash bag should cover the stump, and let it dry without any water and sun. If there is a chance for the stump for having the sun and water as their basic needs, it must let this mission failed.

While waiting for the result, you can check if this method really does work. Most people say if this step could be working within six months until finally, the stump is death. Quite long, but the result will be better with this cheap method that can help you.

2. Use stump removal

You could not deny that the use of stump removal does really effective. As soon as the stump is dead, you can use the removal with herbicides. You can find any herbicide that you need at nurseries and garden centers. For other options, you can try to add Epsom salt to end the growth.

3. Cut the saplings

The last trick to do is to cut the saplings off the trunk. You can try to pain the stump with a brush killer that may contain triclopyr. This is one of the best solutions to make sure if the tree is dead.

Choosing the best methods and finding out an answer about how to kill a tree stump is not something hard to do. Every method that you have already seen above has different advantages. However, you can try to choose the cheapest or the most efficient method. That can help you to make sure if the tree does not grow anymore.

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  1. Hey Khloe, thanks for sharing some of the cheap methods to kill a tree stump effectively as I was looking for this resource since many days. There’s a huge tree stump in the yard which is causing lot of nuisance, and these methods will definitely kill it. I will most probably make the use of Rock Salt. Keep sharing!!

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