The Best Ducks for Eggs & How to Treat Them

Best Ducks for Eggs

There are many ways of saving the grocery budget every month that people can do. One of the ways to do it is by developing and creating a personal small farm. Rather than developing chickens, people can also develop ducks and get eggs from them. When they grow old, the ducks can then be cooked and be a meal for people. And by choosing the best ducks for eggs people will then get the best quality of eggs. So, people can get a double benefit from having and creating their little farm.

To get the best quality of eggs, the best ducks for eggs is not the only factor that people must consider. Having the right facility and treating them the right way is also important. Therefore, people must pay attention to the preparation of farming a duck before starting one.

Best Ducks For Lay The Most Eggs

To get the best quality of eggs, people must know what kind of ducks can lay the best egg. Some ducks can lay many eggs at once, some only lay a bit but have better quality. Therefore, people can choose the ducks by adjusting what they need. Every type of ducks also has different treatments, so this must also be a note for owners. So, these are some of the best ducks for eggs that lay a lot of eggs

1. Campbell

Campbell Duck

One of the best ducks for eggs and people use in their farm to lay eggs is khaki Campbell. The color tan duck can lay 340 eggs each year and even more if the size is bigger. The size of the eggs is small but still delicious and healthy for people to consume. With its ability to adjust in any kinds of climates, Campbell ducks are easy to grow in anywhere they are. To help them grow even better, Campbell ducks must be treated in a calm environment and wide space.

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2. Runner

Runner Duck

A productive duck that can also lay up to 300 eggs is Runner duck. This is one of the oldest ducks there is which people have been using on their farm. They can produce eggs every week with a big amount and then stop laying for another week. These ducks are usually very active therefore don’t get surprised if somethings get dirty on the farm.

3. Welsh Harlequin

Welsh Harlequin Duck

This duck is now rarely found in farms, but they are not yet extinct. These ducks can produce up to 300 eggs each year and great meat when they stop producing. Treat them well and people can get more eggs and raise ducklings. And when this happens, ensure to treat them well until they grow big.

Best Ducks for Big Eggs

  • Pekin Ducks, average size/weight a Pekin duck egg 80gr weight (2.82 ounces).
  • Magpie Ducks, average size/weight a Magpie duck egg 80gr weight (2.82 ounces).
  • Ancona Ducks, average size/weight an Ancona duck egg 78gr weight (2.75 ounces).

For those who are looking for bigger and better-quality eggs can choose other kinds of ducks. These best ducks for eggs don’t lay too many eggs at once because of the size of the eggs. So, for those who are looking for big eggs can choose some of these ducks:

1. Pekin

Pekin Duck

Pekin duck is a white dabbling duck and one of the biggest ducks there is. Compared to other ducks, their size is quite big, but they are easy to pet. With their big size, they are great for meat and egg production. Pekin duck is also famous for making big eggs, but the quantity is not that much. Over a year, the duck can lay up to 200 eggs each year but can lay more if they want. Usually, they will lay one-three eggs a day, so they don’t lay too many eggs a day. So, these ducks are great to have as a pet in the farm.

2. Magpie

Magpie Duck

A lovely lightweight duck that also produces big size eggs for people is the Magpie duck. This is one of the ducks that can lay big eggs with the most amount. They can lay up to 290 eggs average each year with big sizes. Therefore, many people are dreaming to have this kind of duck for their farm. However, the cost of this duck is quite expensive therefore not many people use them on their farm.

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3. Ancona

Ancona Duck

This is another duck that can lay up to 240 eggs each year with a medium size egg. These ducks are one of the best ducks for eggs because it is healthy for people to consume. However, the amount of eggs from Ancona ducks depends on the treatment of the duck.

Treatment for Ducks

The first thing people must do when they want a duck farm is the housing for the ducks. The main advantage of duck farming is very simple accommodation. They can be put anywhere, whether low, high or wet and dry places they can adjust it all. However, ducks usually prefer watery and wet places to live rather than dry places. Therefore, people can make housing that has both, a dry place for ducks to relax. And a small pool for the ducks to play and swan around. Make sure the house is also safe from any predators therefore the ducks are safe.

Food and water are almost a must when treating ducks on a farm. Choose high-quality food for the ducks and make sure the water is always full. Ducks can eat anything from pieces of bread to meat. So, it is not hard for people to prepare them. Just make sure to give it on time.

The next thing you will need is storage for the eggs. As the main purpose of duck farming is to get the egg. Therefore, get or build storage that can keep the eggs safe. Inside the storage, people can add lime water to secure the egg. Some people put them straight into the refrigerator too, so any kind of way is good.

Just ensure the storage is right so that it doesn’t roll around and break the egg. So, having a duck farm isn’t hard at all. The best ducks for eggs are also easy to find and not too expensive. Therefore, with these reasons, people can start their farming and get benefit at the same time.

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