How to Keep Squirrels out of Garden with Natural Methods

Squirrels in Garden

If you have a yard or a garden at home, you may want to know how to keeps squirrels out of your garden. The animals are probably cute as cartoon characters, but they aren’t as cute as they seem. In fact, they can be a nightmare to your garden and you may stress out finding a way of dealing with them. No need to worry, though. As long as you know the facts and you learn about them,  you may figure out a way to get rid of them efficiently and effectively.

About the Critter

If you have a bird feeder or you have nutty trees, it is highly possible that you will have squirrels at your garden. Those are their foods and they love it! Your nutty trees and the bird feeder will be their food source – which means that they will come back again and again. But these are not necessarily the case. In some cases, the squirrels may use your garden as their stash storage. Some gardeners have planted tulips in a specialized flower bed and find out that the bed has been disturbed. It turns out that the squirrels have used each tulip hole to replant them with the walnut.

Here are some regular signs that squirrels are responsible for the havoc in your garden:

  • There are missing plants
  • You see some of the seed heads are being munched
  • There are small holes being dug in the planting pots and beds
  • You experience missing or half-eaten flowers or fruits

Keep in mind that squirrels are day creatures so they are active during the day. If you watch your garden the whole day (quietly and secretively, of course), you should be able to see those creatures being active – and doing damages to your garden. If the damages happen at night, it is possible that it’s not the squirrels responsible for it, but other creatures such as opossums or raccoons.

If these issues seem familiar to you, you’re not alone. Squirrels can be the creatures of misfits and problems. However, using poison to deal with the issue is too harsh and too cold. It may also be illegal in some states and regions. Not to mention that the usage of poison can be dangerous not only for the surroundings and environment as well as the kids, pets, and other animals. If you are thinking about using the poison, ditch the idea. There are still other natural ways and alternatives to deal with the pesky critters.

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How to Keep Squirrels out of Garden With Harmless Solutions

So, how to keeps squirrels out of your garden? There are some possible solutions and answers –and they are pretty safe and harmless.

1. A Guard Dog

The first alternative is to get yourself a guard dog. No, it’s not just a cute pet or a doll dog but it should be a watchful guard dog. Here’s the fact: Both squirrels and dogs hate each other. If you have a guard dog and you let go of your dog during the day, squirrels won’t dare coming close to your garden.

Guard Dog

Having the guard dog is great to deal against the squirrels as well as adding protection to your property. It’s like having so many perks within one single solution, isn’t it? Moreover, if you have problems with the slugs, having the dog can also solve it.

2. Squirrel Repellent

Squirrel Repellent

The second alternative is to use repellent. Squirrel repellent is a good alternative on how to keeps squirrels out of your garden, especially if having a dog is out of the question. Use the urine of squirrels’ predator and you won’t have to worry about your garden. Spread the urine around the garden. These urine products can be found online or at pet stores but be sure that you follow the directions carefully.

3. Ground Chili Peppers

Ground Chili Peppers

If it is possible, add some ground chili peppers too –squirrels hate the smell and also the taste. You can add the cayenne pepper to the bird feeders without having to worry about them affecting the birds. The combination of chili pepper and repellent can be quite effective to address the issue but be sure that you do it regularly, especially during times when there are rains or weather changes.

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4. Use Plants or Flowers


Another option is to choose a certain type of plants or flowers that those rodents dislike. Consider planting fritillaries or daffodils all over the garden. You can also consider better garden management with the addition of chicken wire, netting, or fencing. These can help to manage the squirrels out.

Other Options and Alternatives

There are still other alternatives on how to keeps squirrels out of your garden. You can install motion-activated or motion-sensitive noisemakers like aluminum pie tins, pinwheels, or garden spinners to scare them away. Installing motion-detecting sprinkler is also a smart idea to scare them.

You should also remove their food sources. Squirrels are natural foragers. The best way for you to deal with them is to bury any food scrap very deep within the compost piles. Close and secure the lid to your trash can tightly. If you find any fallen seeds, fruits, or nuts, immediately pick them up. If you remove their food source, you may find that your garden is longer interesting.

Make use of mulch. Yes, squirrels may be natural diggers but they don’t really like dealing with mulch. By spreading the mulch, you basically discourage them from digging. It’s okay to spread layers of mulch but be considerate – and don’t overdo it.

Bird Feeder Management

If you have a bird feeder in your garden, it is possible that the squirrels have turned it into their ‘squirrel feeder’. The best way for you is to manage it.  You should be strategic about the placement. It should be far from jump-off points (such as the trees or any platform). You can also consider having a feeder equipped with a weight-sensitive bar. It allows birds to get the food and not the squirrels.

If you want to remain natural, there are some recipes (you can find them online) that can get rid of the squirrels without you having to kill them or to declare a war on them. These ways on how to keeps squirrels out of your garden can provide great ideas for homeowners who want to be free from the pesky rodents.

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