Can You Eat Goose Eggs? Nutritious Giant Eggs You Can Have at Home

Can You Eat Goose Eggs

While some farmers are raising geese and expect their eggs, consuming goose eggs is peculiar for many people. Can you eat goose eggs actually? In truth, goose eggs are like chicken eggs, only in bigger size and harder shell. As it comes in a bigger size, goose eggs contain a higher amount of nutrients. 

An egg is people’s best breakfast. It is not only easy to prepare but also contains high nutrients required by your body to start the day. Though chicken eggs are the most common, duck eggs and goose eggs are edible as well. Find the facts here and you might want to have a goose egg each morning.

Can You Eat Goose Eggs?

Goose eggs commonly come in a size three times bigger than a chicken egg. This enormous size makes people think goose eggs are not for human consumption. In fact, goose eggs are just like chicken eggs that are totally safe to consume. Despite the hard shells and large size, goose eggs allow you to use them like any other eggs in your kitchen.

sunny-side-up goose eeg

You can simply hard boil the eggs, fry for sunny-side-up eggs, or make deviled eggs. Though it might have different taste, goose eggs are much like chicken eggs as it contains yolks and whites. Compared to chicken eggs, gooses’ contain larger yolks with thicker and deeper color. Most geese live in free-range and enjoy fresh greens as their diets, thus they yield fresher eggs with deeper color. 

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As they come in a larger size, the eggs contain more vitamins and other nutrients than chicken eggs. But before enjoying the satisfying goose eggs, you might want to take an effort to break them open. Unlike chicken eggs that can be easily cracked in the first tap, goose eggs are sturdier that you have to use more effort—or more taps to break them open.

Still, about the size, goose eggs also require a longer time to cook. When you want to hard boil them, take a few more minutes unless you want to eat uncooked goose eggs. It usually takes 12 to 15 minutes in boiling water, while chicken eggs only need 7 minutes. But the result is worth the wait as you can see tasty yolks shine through.

Nutritional Facts on Goose Eggs

Thanks to the larger size, goose eggs contain a higher amount of nutrients. It makes a suitable choice to start the day, even if you eat goose egg alone. Here are nutritional facts that you can find in a goose egg:

1. Calories and fat

A goose egg contains 266 calories, which means 3 times bigger than which contained in a chicken egg of 72 calories. As they have bigger yolks, goose eggs also contain more fat, including saturated fat. A large goose egg contains 19.11 g of total fat, a way more than chicken egg that contains 4.75 g of total fat. If you are trying to gain weight, goose eggs may be a good choice for you.

2. Vitamins

Egg is a good source of vitamins. Both chicken eggs and goose eggs contain vitamins, though gooses’ provide a higher amount of vitamins. A goose egg provides 7.34 mcg of vitamin B12, 95 international unit of vitamin D and 936 international units of vitamin A. Goose eggs also have 109 mcg of folate which is good for pregnant mother.

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3. Cholesterol

A diet that contains high cholesterol may increase the risk of heart disease. Eggs are known to be one of an excellent source of cholesterol. While chicken eggs contain a high amount of cholesterol, you can find more in goose eggs.

A large goose egg contains 1,227 mg of cholesterol. This is a far higher amount compared to 186 mg of cholesterol found in chicken eggs. Consult with your doctor or eliminate goose eggs from your diet if you are in such a risky condition.

4. Protein

 Eggs are an excellent source of protein, allowing your body to be supplied with energy. Goose eggs has 19.97 g of protein, making it a good breakfast to start the day.

So, can you eat goose eggs? Of course, you can! Goose eggs are much like chicken eggs, only in a larger version. It also contains nutrients as you can find in chicken eggs but in a higher amount. Would you like to have a goose egg to start the day?

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