Does Grass Seed Go Bad? and Tips to Store It

Does Grass Seed Go Bad

One of the most important things in the home is a beautiful look for the owner. There are lots of things you can do to make your home garden become beautiful. You can plant the beautiful grass in your home garden. Before you go to plant the beautiful grass, you might check the grass seed condition first. You have to make sure, does grass seed go bad? And is it still good to germinate maximize? After you find there are some grass seeds left in your shed, you also have to make sure about the quality.

As you know there are two classified types of grass seed. It can be classified as two types related to the season. One can be germinated in a cool season and others in the warm season. You have to know about the current season in your area. If you have the right choice, your grass seed can be used after more than 10 months. It is also determining the germination of your grass seed. Therefore, you have to understand some important things to maximize your grass seed germinate below.

Things to Consider for Your Grass Seed Germinate

As you know before that duration of the grass seed stored also determining the grass seed germinate. There are lots of people who have a question “does grass seed go bad?”. They don’t understand how to treat their grass seed as well as possible before it can be germinating successfully. If you want to succeed germinating your grass seed and get the beautiful home garden, you have to consider some important things below.

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1. Temperature

As one of the sensitive plants, it should be placed at a good temperature. One of the important things in the germinating of your grass seed is the storage and temperature. Beside you have to make sure the storage is dry, you also have to make sure that your grass seed in the cool temperature. If you want to see your grass seed in the future, you should always check the temperature under 60 degrees Fahrenheit. You can not place your grass seed in the hot temperature above 100 degrees, because it will make your grass seed can not germinate.

2. Storage Method

Do you live in the central city who don’t have lots of space? And make you have the question does grass seed go bad? It is a good solution for you. You don’t need lots of space to store your grass seed. You can use a plastic bag or container in your home to store this. But you have to make sure that your plastic bag or container is dry to keep its temperature. After you put it into the plastic bag, you can store your grass seed in the garage as long as it is not hot and humid.

3. Choose a Sealed Bags

Sealed Plastic Bag

As you know before that grass seed should be placed in the dry container. A sealed container or plastic bag will keep the humidity of the grass seed. You might use a ziplock bag as a type of the sealed bag to keep your grass seed dry. The breathable packaging type is also recommended to be used as a grass seed storage. You can use cloth sacks or burlap bags for your grass seed. It will help your seed to germinate easily. So far have you found the answer to a question does grass seed go bad? To complete your answer, continue to read this article.

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4. Storage Humidity

Have you known that seed can absorb humidity? If you were never known about this before, you should read this article. The Seed has a character to absorb the humidity and moisture. So it is the main reason you should always control the humidity of your storage. When your seed absorbs lots of the humidity from the storage, it will be affected by the seed germinate. As you knew that the ideal of the internal seed humidity is 10 to 20 percent. It is why you have to always control the humidity of your seed periodically.

5. Testing Germination Rate

The last things to consider but not least, you have to know about the germination rate of your grass seed. It is very important to know before you decide to do the next step for your seed. Normally, it will start sprouting on day 10, but some of the seeds can start sprouting on day 5. So it would be better if you always check your grass seed periodically in the 5 days.

After you read all those determining things for your grass seed, finally you can complete answering the question “does grass seed go bad?”, yes it can if you don’t store grass seed properly. Besides those important things, you also have to always check your grass seed condition periodically. If you succeed to germinate your grass seed, it is one of the best steps for you to have a beautiful garden in your home.

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