Hairston Creek Farm


Who are we?

Hairston Creek Farm was established in 1990 by Gary and Sarah Rowland. Hairston Creek Farm is located in central Burnet County, just off old Mormon Mill Road, between Burnet and Marble Falls. We are a small sustainable family farm specializing in organic vegetables, herbs and fruit.  We got our Organic Certification from the Texas Department of Agriculture in 1993 and, our goal is to provide fresh, organic, high quality, nutrient dense, local produce in season.  We produce mixed vegetables on 17 acres, have a small apiary (to improve pollination) and a flock of pastured chickens to provide fresh pastured eggs.  Our produce is available at local farmers markets around the hill country, through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) subscription, and is served around Austin and the hill country from restaurants and grocery stores.  

At Hairston Creek our goal is to provide the best product available, that was grown locally and picked when it is ready to eat.  Everything on our tables at markets, in boxes or with our label on it has been hand picked or made on our farm.  Every year we host two farm parties, one in the spring and one in the fall that we invite customers, friends and family to come out, see the farm and have a good time.  It is a pot luck, that is family oriented.  Gary will give farm tours and those interested are more than welcome to camp by the creek.  Various friends and family will be playing live music throughout the day and you are more than welcome to bring an instrument and join in.