5 Tips How to Store Radishes in The Best Way

How to Store Radishes

Like any other vegetable, radishes give you many health benefits. So, it is important to know how to store radishes properly. Radishes enrich with vitamins like A, C, E, B6, and other minerals. Those can boost your immune. Once you get cold and cough, it helps you to fight the disease. The root contains anti-congestive properties. It works well to clear mucus from the throat. Also, the minerals are good for your blood pressure control as well.

Unluckily, radishes cannot stay fresh for a long time. It is hard to keep the radishes crunchy. For your information, the part of radishes is its crunchiness. By choosing the right way and storage, you will be able to extend the crunch as long as you can until you are ready to eat it. This article will let you know how to store radishes in the best way.

5 Tips How to Store Radishes

These tips below allow you to keep the radishes one until two weeks. Surprisingly, some others are getting their radishes to stay crunchy up to four weeks in the fridge. But, before you put them properly, there are some things to do. Each strategy requires you a different way to do. Let’s find how to store radishes in the best way here:

1. Using Hydro-cool for Short-term Storage

Actually, the shorter time you keep the vegetable is better. You won’t lose the fresh and its nutrition. But, it is okay if you plan to eat for a week ahead. This could be applied for radishes storage in a short time. Simply, as your first step is washing the radishes from any dirt. Then, choose a bowl or baking pan.

Store Radishes Using Hydro-cool

The key to how to store radishes here is the water. Fill it with one up to inches of water (or about 2.5 cm up to 5 cm of water). Make sure when you put in the radishes is not really deep. Set the radishes inside just like they are planning to grow up. Keep all parts of the radishes, including its roots. Put the roots at the bottom and placed evenly.

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This strategy is suitable for room temperature and in the fridge. If you put at the room temperature, the greens and roots can stay fresh up to seven days. But, if the bowl is placed in a certain low temperature, the radishes are expected for up to eight or nine days.

2. Using a Plastic Bag

Using a plastic bag is a common way in how to store radishes hacks. Just like the previous way, you need to remove all dirt from it. Then, cut the leaves and roots. You can use a knife or scissors for it. If you don’t remove the greens part and the root, your radishes will get dry. It is caused by the leafy top becomes a way for water to come out.

Store Radishes Using a Plastic Bag

Take a plastic bag or a resealable one, then place the wet tissue or dampened paper towels. Since you removed the root, so you need to keep the radishes moist. Make a layer every time you put in the radishes. After you put in all the radishes, reduce the air inside. Flattening the top of the plastic or using a straw will ease you to do this. Seal or tie the plastic and then put in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.

3. Using a Canning Jar

Don’t throw a jar if you just spend a jam. It is very useful for your radishes’ storage. Clean inside the jar, and also your radishes. Remove the leaves and the roots, then, place the radishes inside. Make sure the canning jar as the container is large for your radishes. Place them all by layering them one of the other.

Store Radishes Using a Canning Jar

After you fill in the canning jar, add some water inside. It uses to make the radishes fresh. Sealed the canning jar properly. Don’t allow air comes into it. The canning jar should be put in the fridge. You will find your radishes crunchy when it is not squishy and still have a tough exterior. That is how to store radishes using a canning jar in the refrigerator.

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4. Keeping in a Dirt

Seriously? Is keeping radishes in a dirt a good way to keep it crunchy? Yes, of course. This strategy might not really familiar with some people. But actually, this way is worth to try and prove worked well. If you don’t want a large space, you can make a box full of damped sand. Test its damp by touching with your finger. Once it feels clumpy, it means your sand is too wet.

Store Radishes by Keeping in a Dirt

In the opposite from the previous way, here you don’t need to clean the radishes. Keep it dirt is okay because you want to put it in the sand. Don’t spread the radishes, but place immerse it deep inside the sand. Make sure no one can touch it, so the damp can stay longer. You need to remember the position of each radish. It eases you to take when you want to eat. Choosing this way for radishes’ storage can be held for up to three months.

5. Keeping in A Cold Frame

Store Radishes by Keeping in A Cold Frame

Last tips for how to store radishes is keeping them in a cold frame. This way has allowed us to enjoy radishes in any season, whether in the fall, summer, or winter. Keeping the radishes in cold temperature doesn’t mean light is not a focus. Rejuvenate the cold soil with compost. Then, use a light to keep the soil is warm but a little moist. But, if the sky is still bright and giving a few warmth, you don’t need extra light. This strategy is applied for long time storage.

Those are the tips we have shared about how to store radishes. The reason why people select radishes as their favorite vegetable is their capability to be kept in a long period. They are also easy to harvest. Keep these tips for your references, so you can enjoy your radishes anytime you want.

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