When Are Potatoes Ready To Harvest And Its Characteristics

When Are Potatoes Ready To Harvest

Some regions in the world make potatoes a staple food. This makes potatoes a promising business opportunity for farmers. It is not easy to cultivate potatoes because if there are mistakes such as when harvesting, of course, the results will not be as expected. Because if there is an error when harvesting, the harvest could be a failure. The following will explain when are potatoes ready to harvest.

How Long Does It Take To Grow Potatoes

After planting potatoes, surely waiting for when the potatoes are ready to harvest is the main thing. Actually, there are several factors to determine how long to plant potatoes such as the type of type, land height and season. The following will explain how long it takes for potatoes to grow based on their type.

1. Granola

Granola Potato

This type belongs to the yellow variety that produced from crossing seeds. Granola is a superior type of productivity that can reach 30 to 35 tons per hectare 80 to 90 days is the answer to when is this potato ready to harvest.

The damage experienced from potato disease by this potato is usually 10%, different from other potatoes which can reach 30%.  Characteristics of Granola potatoes are the skin and flesh are yellow and oval in shape.

2. Cosima

Cosima Potato

Cosima is a type of potato originating from Germany. This species is included in the yellow varieties produced from seedling crosses. This potato is quite resistant to several diseases. Among them are Phytophthora infestans and wilting of the bacterium Pseudomonas Solanacearum, slightly sensitive to curled leaf virus. And quite resistant to Nematodes Meloidogyne sp.

This potato ready to harvest is 101 days after planting. The result can reach 15 to 20 tons. The characteristics of these potatoes are the tubers are rather cheeky but fluffier and fluffier, the eyes are quite deep, the size is less uniform and less tasty to fry.

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3. Desiree

Desiree Potato

Produced from the crossing of Urgenta and Depesche seedlings. Productivity is high enough so that it can produce more profits.

The characteristics of this type include reddish-yellow tuber flesh, red skin, and round to oval shape. This type of potato is sensitive to PLRV or curled leaf, and leaf rot. When are potatoes ready to harvest is if it has entered day 100.

4. Agria

This type of potato comes from the Netherlands with yellow varieties. The characteristics of the potato produced from this type include very large tubers such as tubers from yams. Besides the tuber skin is yellow, while the flesh is dark yellow.

This type of potato is resistant to various diseases such as leaf rot, PUY virus and resistant to nematode attacks. When is this potato ready for harvest, which is around 90 to 100 days after planting. This potato is great for making chips or for frying.

5. Maritiema

Maritiema Potato

This potato has white flesh and skin. This makes it categorized into white varieties. The advantage of this potato is that it can withstand a variety of diseases and can grow in cold areas.

The advantage of this type of potato is flat spherical, uniform, and has an average weight of up to 43 grams. In addition, the meat from potatoes is very good, so many people like it. When are potatoes ready to harvest is if it has entered day 100.

6. Diamant

Diamant Potato

Diamant potatoes are a type of potato with a high level of productivity. Same with Marita, this potato is a type of yellow variety. It has characteristics such as oval and elongated oval shape. The color of the skin is white while the color of the flesh is white to yellow-brass.

This type is also resistant to various diseases such as leaf rot and resistant to the sting of biotype A nematodes. Same with other types, This potato ready for harvest around 90 to 100 days after planting.

7. Thung 151 C

Thung 151 C Potato

Another one of the yellow varieties is the 151 Thung potato type C. The yield of these potatoes can reach 25 tons per hectare. The advantage of this potato is that it can be planted in the highlands and resistant to various potato diseases.

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Spherical round shape, yellow skin, and white flesh tend to be yellow are its characteristics. This potato ready to harvest potato around 90 to 110 days.

The Characteristics Of Potatoes Ready For Harvest

Potatoes with the best results will certainly be chosen for harvest. As explained above, the harvest time of each potato variety will be different. But there are physical characteristics to indicate when are potatoes ready to harvest.

1. Yellowish Leaves and Stems

The first characteristics of potatoes that are ready to be harvested are the stems and leaves. The stems and leaves are still green and indicate that the potatoes in the ground are still thin and easily scratched. So you have to wait until the stems and leaves are brown and dry.

After that, the potato plants must be uprooted from the ground. However, the potatoes must be put back into the ground and waited for several days so they are not exposed to sunlight and are absolutely perfect for harvesting. Because if it’s not done like that, the potatoes will be green, which won’t sell.

2. The Bulbs Of The Skin Stick To The Meat

The characteristics of when a potato is ready for the next harvest are the skin attached to the potato meat. By not sticking the skin to the flesh, this indicates that the potato is ripe and ready for consumption.

Because besides being not yet ripe, if it is green, it indicates that the potato contains solanine poison. Even the green potatoes will not sell well in the market.

The explanation is about when are potatoes ready to harvest. Because as has been discussed that the harvest time of potatoes varies depending on the type of variety. It is also important for farmers to know the characteristics or signs of a potato ready for harvest.

Potatoes put back into the ground must wait for 5 days. If it’s less than that then the potatoes will be green and indicate that the harvest failed. If the potato is green, it indicates that the potato contains poison which is not good for consumption.

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