Does Coconut Oil Expire? Here Are the Facts!

Does Coconut Oil Expire

Most people don’t know that raw coconut oil can only last for 2 years. However, once it’s contaminated with food substances, it won’t last that long. If you still ask about “does coconut oil expire?”, more explanation below will give you the answer.

How Long Coconut Oil Can Be Used Once It’s Opened

Coconut oil can last longer if there’s no food or other substances contaminate it. Once food contaminates it, it will last less than 2 years. It’s because of the substances in the food that makes it cannot last long. It doesn’t matter if the coconut oil is very stable anymore.

Consequently, you have to use a clean knife or a clean spoon when you use it. The tool that you use affects the oil. Therefore, a clean tool will only make it stay clean and not contaminated with other substances. It just to make your coconut oil stay long.

Sign Of Bad Coconut Oil Close To Expire

Sign Of Bad Coconut Oil

There are some signs that you have to know whether your coconut oil is close to expiring or not. This is very crucial because this sign tells a lot about your coconut oil condition. You can use your coconut oil or not depends on this too. Coconut oil is in bad condition means a big warning for you. Some of you might also ask “does coconut oil expire?” once you spot the signs. Here are the five signs you must know when your coconut oil is in bad condition.

1. Color Changes Into Yellow

Coconut oil has a bright color almost like plain water. Once it changes its color to yellow, it’s a big sign for you. Good coconut oil has a clear color and a bit milky white. Therefore, when it turns into yellow chances, it means that it has already expired.

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Color means a lot, especially for food. It’s no wonder if you have to pay attention to your coconut oil color too. Some people might think yellow is normal for oil. However, it’s not normal for coconut oil. In short, you can see your coconut oil condition through its appearance.

Seeing its changing color will make you realize that there’s something wrong with your coconut oil. So, you have to pay attention to your coconut oil’s color. It’s because this oil is different from cooking oil.

2. Chunky

The texture of coconut oil is important to look at. If your coconut is in good condition, it will have a smooth consistency. You know that your oil is chunky after you spoil it. However, there will be unknown substances that are floating on the oil.

If you find that substances on your coconut oil, then your oil is close to expiring. You can also call it blotchy apart from chunky. In short, chunky coconut oil means that oil is in bad condition.

You have to say yes to Does coconut oil expire? from this sign. Chunky or blotchy is a big sign that your oil is going to expire. To make sure whether your coconut oil is chunky or not, you can just test it.

3. Sour Scent Or Strong Bitter

There is a difference between refined coconut oil and virgin coconut oil. You have to know that refined coconut oil has a neutral scent. But, virgin coconut oil is different because of its sweet coconut scent. It’s no wonder that the original coconut oil is better than the refined one.

On the other hand, if your coconut oil is in a bad condition, the smell will change. Therefore, if you smell your coconut oil sour or even bitter, it means your oil is bad. You can spot the condition of your coconut oil spontaneously through its smell.

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4. Sour Taste

Apart from its sour scent when it comes to the bad condition, sour taste is a sign too. You can test whether your coconut oil is in a bad condition or not through how it tastes. The good condition of coconut oil has its natural coconut flavor.

It’s no wonder that bad coconut oil has a different taste. Even if it doesn’t taste bitter, it tastes sour. You can spot easily with your tongue. If you find this in your coconut oil, then it means that your oil is not good anymore.

Therefore, answer yes to the question “does coconut oil expire?”. Now, it’s your turn to have a look closer to your oil just in case to see its condition. If it is still in good condition, then it’s good. It’s easy to practice at home.

5. Black Spot In The Oil

Once you find the black oil spots in your coconut oil, it’s a warning for you. These small black patches can be mold developing. Plus, you have no idea how bad the mold contaminates it.

This is the answer to “does coconut oil expire?” If you know that the mold contaminates your coconut oil then do something. The only way you can do is to get rid of the oil. In short, this way is just to make other oil not contaminate.

You can use a spoon to get rid of the black spot. Consequently, you have to try not to ignore once you find a black spot in your coconut oil. Plus, you have to keep in mind that those spots can contaminate other oil in its place.

Those brief explanations above reveal a lot about coconut oil. You have to say yes to does coconut oil expire? Besides, you can see it not only through its appearance but also through its taste and scent. The bad sign of your oil shows that it’s going to expire or it’s not good to use anymore.

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